Twa Corbies for Poppy Day

American Crow
American Crow

Actually, there were four. I am pretty sure this was the same group of crows I saw earlier this year. I hope this means they will stick around.

As is typical with crows, it was the great hullabaloo they were making that first drew my attention. I looked up into the sky and saw four crows chasing something out of the area. It might have been an egret. It was big and white …

ok yeah I know. That makes them sound like bad guys. But even so I wished I happened to have some road kill or something to throw at them to encourage them to stay after they settled down. That’s the trouble with going vegan — you never have any meat handy.

Seeing them on the eve of Remembrance Day made me think of this poem: The Twa Corbies

Speaking of Poppy Day …

With sorrow I notice that once again we are celebrating Remembrance Day without actually remembering its original intent. This holiday started as a way of remembering the war to end all wars but it has turned into a kind of death cult where people tend to throw a barbecue and maybe thank a vet. Or enjoy some holiday shopping. Doesn’t a holiday like that just cheapen the value of human life and allow politicians to continue to wage perpetual war?

No barbecue or shopping for me. I’m going to scatter the last of my field poppy seed and make a wish for peace instead.

This year, I will wear a poppy for the last time by Harry Leslie Smith