Here comes the rain again

water dropMy camera and I will have to agree to disagree. This drop looked like a diamond to me but the photos saw mercury. I was surprised that days later this plant still holds the evidence of the recent lovely rains.

The effect of even a little rain is always so dramatic here. A couple of nights ago I went for a walk through a nearby field and saw scatters and clusters of star shaped rain flowers reflecting the moonlight — like the the earth was answering the constellations. I couldn’t tell which side was up. I don’t know how rain triggers these flowers but I do know it fills me with wonder.

Bird’s Nest Fungus

Today¬† I found this fungus growing under my cyperus. I think it is a bird’s nest fungi. They are tiny (about 1/4 inch in diameter) and with my dim eyesight it is amazing I spotted them at all. But now that I know they are present I will actively seek them out. Apparently, some varieties can produce a raspberry ketone that can be used for perfumery. If these did I wasn’t able to detect it.


Bird’s nest fungi are not pests. As saprophytes they help recycle the nutrients of dead plant material back into the soil. They are common worldwide.

Here’s a time lapse video from Cornell that shows how the nest cups form:

And here’s another showing the effect of raindrops. The little things that look like eggs are peridioles — spore cases — that can explode when hit at just the right angle.