Permissions and Stuff


Copy Left

I see other people have included copyright notices on their blogs. I guess this is a thing people do.

In the unlikely event someone wanted to copy or share something they find here all I can say is, “Wow. Thanks. Really?”

Feel free to pass it along. Just don’t do anything evil with it like contribute to capitalism or use it to kill or hurt people.


When I started this blog I decided I wouldn’t participate in awards. I can see how they build community and receiving nominations is a real honour.

and at the same time …

I am uncomfortable with accepting awards because I can never select who to pass them on to. Writing, developing craft and even feeling free to speak are such delicate things. For some it feels terrifying just to put anything ‘out there’ for people to see. Everyone who bothers ought to be encouraged every time they try maybe.

15 thoughts on “Permissions and Stuff

  1. Great article. I love Texas wild persimmons and am trying to bonsai several trees. Can you tell if these flowers you are showing are male or female. I know you need one tree of each so I want to make sure I have both.


    1. Thanks. I am mad about the Texas persimmon, too. Not sure which flower picture you are referring to but if you split a flower in half (top to bottom) the female flower will have an ovary or sphere shape at the very bottom. Sometimes the stigma of the female flower will also extend past the petals. Here is a link that might help you see the difference:


  2. Hi! I am educating people about ‘Gardening for Wildlife’ and how bad the ‘Mow and Blow’ landscapers are for the environment. Can I use your lacewings egg photo to show how fragile these beauties are. Would they ever survive the leaf blower or the biocides spread by the oblivious guy with the loud, polluting leaf blower or the tank of poison on his back? I love your blog and will share it on my Facebook page at Leslie Nelson Inman. Please friend me!


  3. I am doing an eco-friendly (IPM) Pest Management Class. One of the handouts I am making is a quick reference of insect eggs, so people can tell what to remove by hand and what to nurture. Your green lacewing egg photo is beautiful. I’ll give you credit regardless. Thanks Lynda


  4. Hello Debra, your latest pictures are so beautiful. I think you are absolutely right in saying that appreciating the beauty of the natural world brings an inner beauty, or certainly inner peace. Fascinating about the ladybug’s golden eggs! I’ve never seen the eggs, just the ladybugs when they swarm.


    1. heh. Creative Commons, while probably the more accurate term, just doesn’t sound as amusing as Copy Left though. If someone -was- able to make millions of dollars using one of my images (especially if they didn’t perpetrate capitalism) I could only admire their creativity.

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  5. Thank you, Debra, for liking my post. The same back at you. I knew the girl who posted for that Norman Rockwell picture (met him a few times too) here in the Berkshires. Anyway, it is so good to connect with people in this way about things that are so important to me. I look forward to exploring the rest of your blog.


    1. Thank you, Cynthia. I chose that picture because it is iconic. Too many people think these issues were settled long ago and yet the struggle continues. I am so glad I found your blog =)


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