“Water is Life” — More than a Hashtag


“Take the word mni. Mni is the Lakota word for water. Ni means “breath of life,” so mni identifies that water is life — living water. Water is a living. But in English the word water doesn’t say that it is living or anything; water is just water. But in Lakota it is identified with the life.”  — Wallace Black Elk

I was watching a livestream of the water protectors at the Dakota Access Pipeline yesterday. Just when things seemed the most grim a herd of buffalo appeared renewing everyone’s spirits. I am starting to believe in the power of prayer.

11 thoughts on ““Water is Life” — More than a Hashtag

  1. Our bodies form in water, are composed of water, our need for water to live is inescapable. I am grateful for access to social media (for once) so we can all be made and hopefully stay aware of this important effort and support a people protecting their life source.


  2. In England it is harder to relate water to life because there is rarely a shortage of it. In central Italy the summer drought shows up the relationship immediately. But we all forget at our peril.


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