Dakota Access Pipeline

Since March of this year, thousands of indigenous people have gathered in solidarity to stop this unwelcome pipeline. Prayer camps have been set up and miraculously it looks like those prayers are being answered from the four corners.

The pipeline itself may be in a remote location but the consequences will be felt locally all across the world. We are all one. To show that connection, on September 13th, many cities across the US will be hosting events to encourage President Obama to not just delay the building of the Dakota Access Pipeline but end the project altogether.

The action in Austin (sponsored and organized by the Sierra Club) will take place in front of the Energy Transfer Partners office building. Energy Transfer Partners is the main company behind not only this pipeline but another causing a great deal of controversy and anguish in west Texas.

Perhaps it is not surprising that a direct link to fossil fuel extraction could be found in a state like Texas. But how about in a city like Chicago? In Chicago people will be meeting at the Kwagulth Totem Pole. I know someone who lives there. That totem pole is a place associated with many treasured childhood memories but the pole itself has meaning: the base totem is a sea monster, the middle is a warrior riding a whale holding an arrow outward, the top totem is the Thunderbird. When he revisits the area perhaps he will see symbols of our need to be brave protectors of land, water and air.

If there are some good reasons for this pipeline I haven’t encountered them. Here’s why I’ll be joining the protectors:

  1. Our atmosphere cannot tolerate the burning of fuel that has already been extracted so we must leave the rest in the ground. A new pipeline is simply not needed.
  2. That land is in the care of the Sioux nation. Those caretakers should have the final say in what happens and they have spoken clearly: the pipeline is not welcome.
  3. All pipelines eventually fail. All. Pipeline leaks and accidents are routine but typically go unreported. This proposed pipeline would cross the only source of water for people and wildlife not only in the immediate area but for many more communities downstream. We can live without fossil fuels but without water human life ceases after three days.
  4. The company is not dealing in good faith. When the courts called for a work halt they not only continued but deliberately chose to desecrate sacred areas. Attack dogs were used to terrorize and hurt the protectors.
  5. The companies involved have invoked the concept of eminent domain. I do not think this is appropriate. This pipeline is not a public utility or a project designed to benefit the many. The pipeline is being built for private profit.

If you are interested in participating, click here to see if someone has organized an event for your city.

15 thoughts on “Dakota Access Pipeline

  1. A trump Thanksgiving

    “Trump while on a horse rallies his lynchboys because this year he and the calvary are on a mission”

    Me, R.D Valencia have really been struggling to come to grips with this new found reality that America has chosen a man whose character is so unabashedly poor vulgarity just snuck up into our lives and became the norm. But then again that same man made THEM feel…like it was ok. Slowly, massaging the message into their brain listen and you can almost hear trump say “simply listen to your heart.Your heart tells you things..things only you and I understand. After all, is it not that same heart that drove you into Indian land, massacaring man, woman and child under the false pretense that we all came to feast, celebrating newfound life together a new American dream. We summon evil, lurking deep within our beating hearts, raping women, seperating men from their gods. Break their spirit and their soul is forever ours.   The epitome of the white man is me because i want it all. Gluttony befallen us all. We must now heed the call. These last eight years have been strange to me. Like the white -guilt liberal -America says you and I should feel, they might as well be speaking french to me. The rapidly changing demograpic is taking all the joy away from OUR thanksgiving ‘blows the dog whistle’. Breaking bread with Indians was never REALLY supposed to happen but its now a part of every thanksgiving and the spirit of it is taking on a whole different meaning. Now, my daughters Mexican boyfriend brings over a mother who speaks english so bad I rather her not say a thing. And now at the dinner table you see chow mein and dumplings the neighbors bring. Come on you all know what im talking about. Is this the America we envisoned for our daughters”. Manipulation so shameless you could see the exact moment he plants the seed. “And dont get me wrong ‘he begins to say’ I want my daughters boyfriend coming over EVERY thanksgiving, but NOT the way hes been coming over these last couple of years, Smiling…with his mother and her big ol bucket of tamales by her side, Both of them happy as can be. No, not my America they wont come into my house trying to influence MY family. The nerve of these people staying up till 4 in the morning making those God aweful things! that ..everybody here ..seems to be enjoying. Uh uh no no. Thats not my America. I want to tell Indian jokes all night and watch Pedro and his Mother here become more and more uncomfortable as the night goes on. Every gut wrenching laugh reminding them of just who exactly is the boss. Am i right? ‘he asks the crowd’ is that not the true American spirit? ‘Fuck yeah’ the crowd yells. To humiliate your guests. Reminding them thanksgiving after anglo-centric fucking thanksgiving that theirs are a stupid people whos trust in man continues to be an achillies heal. Just wait an see on election day some of those idiots will vote for me. This year we prove to the world that true Americans are white Americans.. we are not the stupid, making delicious food for people who will in turn, poison us, hand us death blankets, shooting us in back of the head!this after we cook the feast set the table and and make sure every singel dish is clean. No, not us. Thats not the American spirit! Thats not part of any red blooded American’s dream! now off  we go… to permanately sepearate families, the same ones cooking and cleaning for us every thanksgiving. Maybe then…then they will learn, to not be so nice and accomadating! Am I right” trump urges the crowd “nothing like taking a 6 year old child away from his mother and father to help teach that family a lesson! how dare they have the courage to blindly trek a cross the scorching Arizona desert with no money or food knowing that many have tried and died. But a mans innate drive to find a better life for his kids and wife and does so for 25 years is about to be denied. Just like our forefathers we are about to strip these Indians of their brown pride. Send em back to a country they no longer recognize and may the disposable American child that politics made grow, understanding that a mothers hug from over 1,000 miles away is every bit as cold as we planned for, maybe that will keep the rest of them hungry and poor in filthy old Mexico where they belong!  Everybody come chant with me now ‘seperate em all’ “seperate emall”..”seperate em all” …’seperate em all’ and off into the sunset they rode.

    A creative write we can all relate to…


    1. Thanks for sharing. I learned recently that Thanksgiving really began with Abraham Lincoln who wanted a holiday where people join together to remember the dead. It has only recently been turned into a yearly denial of the holocaust that occurred in the New World.


  2. This proposed pipeline route crosses the entire state of Iowa from NW to SE before entering Illinois. It crosses multiple rivers and wetlands, family farms, and sensitive areas, not to mention the sacred lands of some of Iowa’s Indian tribes.

    Last December, hearings were held in the counties involved to offer information and answer questions. I attended along with many other concerned citizens. We expressed out opinions and opposition as we as we could. We are glad to hear of the actions taken in the Dakotas by the tribal groups. More power to them.


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