What is Spring Saying to You?

Does Spring quicken not just our bodies but also our souls? This year she seems so real I keep thinking she is standing right next to me. So tangible that I ought to be able to take her hand in mine.

Every day I delight in seeing fresh leaves unfurl. The bees are manic: there are so many flower species blooming right now they seem to have no idea where to begin.

Wasps have returned to our property after a long absence. I spotted this one building her nest a few days ago. It is taking ages. Her attention to the task is maybe best described as loving.

wasp 2016

I do not know if it is just a story but I heard once that some wasps hum or sing as they build their nests. The sounds help them know how to perfectly shape the compartments.

Nearby, in a hole in the ground …

ant hobbit hole

lives not a Hobbit but an expanding colony of leafcutter ants. The smallest things are bustling with creative energy.

closeup leafcutter ants willowbrook reach jan 2014

With one exception …
march anole
I have been running a role playing game set in space. I was surprised to see how true the cliché holds that no matter what the setting or collection of characters, all Sci-Fi stories are really about ourselves and our times. It has been fun creating planets and monsters using what I know about habitats and insects. And the conflicts? Straight out of my google news alerts for the top super-predator corporations. I just love watching how the players respond especially since my players’ personal philosophies span the full political spectrum. Their responses and solutions tend to be wonderfully nuanced.
One player mentioned his excitement that NASA is planning on sending people to Mars someday. I did not know this was one of their actual goals. Think we could get the moms of the world to unite in decreeing that nobody is allowed to go out into the solar system to play before this house gets cleaned up first?
March lizard


I shouldn’t joke. Every week at least two people die protecting the earth. The latest martyr is Berta Cáceres, one of the current winners of the Goldman Prize. She said:

Our Mother Earth – militarized, fenced-in, poisoned, a place where basic rights are systematically violated – demands that we take action.

We can’t stop what happened to her but please consider adding your name to this action alert to protect Gustavo Castro Soto who was the only witness to her murder.


27 thoughts on “What is Spring Saying to You?

  1. I was sitting here writing all sorts of politicized stuff -though adding nothing new to the conversation. I took my noise down and will rather restate here my commitment to do my best to take gentle care of and with the patch of earth in front of me, every day, one day at a time.

    I’m currently in near constant negotiations with several wasps who attempt to build right beside our front door each year. The sisters start something, and I sweep it down before things get too far while hoping they’ll turn elsewhere for an anchor site. Eventually they move further off where we are all in less peril of ending up unhappily trapped indoors together. I always regret undoing their starting points (especially now thinking they were humming happily as a guide to proper design) but in order for us to live as peaceable companions, we do need that bit of distance!


    1. Someone else I admire said something quite similar: “Everywhere people ask: ‘What can I actually do?’ The answer is as simple as it is disconcerting: we can, each of us, work to put our own inner house in order.” — Schumacher, Small is Beautiful. I really really love the idea of an insect singing a note into a bell shape and listening to the echo to see if it is right. I know someone in my neighbourhood who opens those wasp nests after she removes the ones that are ill placed. She said she frequently finds black widows captured! The next time I see a fallen nest I am going to just have to see what my wasps are catching.


  2. lovely to think that you and spring are walking thru the beauty hand in hand- here autumn is coming – some gorgeous misty dawns but for now the heat continues unabated and our usual cool nights have been swallowed up.
    to see the worlds of creatures/nature -leafcutter and wasp going about business as usual does my soul good but oh it is hard to know how to act or what action to take


  3. I have been a a short blogging break and now catching up….love the new theme of your blog….spring is just beginning but still will be long in showing itself perhaps. I am looking forward to the insects still hibernating…..your spring looks divine.


  4. Debra .. Such wonderful pics .. The work of the paper wasp is amazing, they are such artists. How nice to enjoy all that is Spring. I’m sorry to hear of Berta’s death .. How do these things happen?


    1. I know a lot of people don’t like wasps but I do think they create amazing structures. As for Berta’s death — I think the never ending deaths of environmentalists like her can all be linked to unrestrained corporate greed.

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  5. If not for nature surrounding me during spring I would be a wreak…being a landscape designer/installer! I often take breaks and watch out the window or taking a stroll outside which always ends in weeding. The garden is full of birds, bees and butterflies etc. I love the that green anole have returned to my garden. Today a Blue Jay couple found me glued to the window as they fused and frolicked thru my side garden. Then I noticed them on my cement bench, under the arbor of Blue Sky Thumbergia, doing a frantic dance….I finally realized they were looking at themselves in the mirror. Was the male protecting the female, was he playing…I have no idea. The females body looks like it is carrying eggs : ) Here is a video my husband took with his phone not great but the whole event still has me smiling! https://youtu.be/P2G2VU9a3Rs
    Happy Spring!!!


  6. Spring is a very elusive lady in the UK this year. I’ m beginning to wonder whether she’ s decided not to bother. Still the flowers are making a brave show.
    A great post and fabulous photos as usual.


    1. Thanks, Chloris. She may be tardy but you know that when she does show up it will be amazing. I am looking forward to seeing the results. Your flowers are always so lovely.


    1. Thank you, Eliza. Scientists always seem to look for the practical reason but it took her days of constant labour to make those two cells. Maybe she is bored out of her mind!


  7. I was unaware of the murder of Berta Cáceres and have just read an article in the UK’s Guardian newspaper on her work and the events of last week. What kind of world is this, when lives are lost in this way. Thanks for sharing Debra. Our Spring is slow to appear this year, but hopeful its any day soon.


    1. Spring will come and the UK will be spectacular.

      Berta’s murder is a terrible thing. I am so concerned for the injured Gustavo Castro Soto. When he tried to leave the country he went to his embassy for help but they refused to protect him. Rule of law just seems like something from the past these days.


  8. Lovely post, with sense too in the small pockets of sadness.
    Where I am, Spring is saying “I’m trying really hard to come through but this horrible winter weather still hangs on.” Nevertheless, it is on its way and yes, I will feel it as an entity when it arrives.


  9. So we could say that nobody goes to Mars until we take better care of our current planet. On the other hand, I could probably come up with a list of people whose presence on Mars might help things along down here.

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