Wildlife Wednesday March 2016



honey bee 3 March 2016

In the spring we were visited
by aliens wearing sunglasses
The wrens and I followed them to their secret lab
where they practise some kind of alchemy.

Every day begins with an eager flight to the fields
where the group pores over the special collections
and then they all return home
to share the smallest find with devotion

They might be angels
Their wings look like stained glass windows
Some might know them as saints
Patrons to the mad, the world weary and wild.

An old story says they are a gift.
A divine transmutation of sunlight.
Tear drops of golden mercy
Falling sweetly from the sky.

I wonder if they tell stories about us.
The scary ones.
Perhaps one day they will blink and
We will be gone.

26 thoughts on “Wildlife Wednesday March 2016

  1. Lovely! They do look like aliens. Such mysterious creatures. I used to keep them, but I’ m afraid to say, I never got over my fear of them and they knew it. They used to chase me and sting me whereas they never attempted to chase or sting my mentor. He never even bothered with gloves when handling the hives.


    1. haha I understand where you are coming from. I am a ‘haver’ not a ‘keeper.’ I am totally content with them just doing their thing without my interference.


    1. Thanks Eliza. I was surprised to find that a lot of people have felt a spiritual connection with bees. I thought it was just a personal quirk but I really do ‘see the goddess’ in them so to speak.


      1. The worship of bees is ancient… there is a bee temple ruin in Tulum (Mayan) and there’s a cave in Siberia that has a prehistoric painting of a bee-man (bee head and human body) – so your DNA is remembering something very old! :-)

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    1. Thanks, Laurin. I don’t know what was wrong with that particular bee. It was hardly moving at all and when I offered it a twig it latched on. I was able to transfer it onto a surface where I had plenty of time to take its picture. Later a healthy bee flew by and gave it an angry buzz. I am hoping it was just old age but the the wings looked in good shape. Fingers crossed.

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    1. haha I mostly hope that my bees are oblivious of me and that they can just go about their business undisturbed. Their numbers are surging and they’ve gotten really busy. I am so excited. Will there be a new colony!?!?!?


  2. Transformations abound in the spring time and your site is no exception.

    Amazing post (though not one bit unexpected…) and delightful approach to a tricky topic. I hope scattered among the scary stories told are warmer tales told about being rescued from watery traps by members of the Large Wingless Ones.


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