Happy Autumn

baby lizard 2 sept 2015“What is the goal in life? It’s to create yourself a soul.”  —  Alejandro Jodorowsky

Creation … and taking time to celebrate.

This week brought the world’s tiniest lizard, a lunar eclipse peaking through the clouds and the joy of hearing the resident mockingbird begin to sing again.

honey bee

We still have bees. Apparently, they are Taoists  …

yin yang bees

A Pipevine Swallowtail popped over for The Transmutational Gardener‘s Butterfly Bucket meme.

pipevine swallowtail2 aug 2015

pipevine swallowtail4 aug 2015

And a snailseed vine is doing a great job of decorating the rusty bridge nearby. Can’t have wildlife without wildflowers. I have heard my neighbours say some nasty things about this vine but I adore it.

Cocculus carolinus

And one more impossible thing to be happy about. Shell Oil has decided drilling for oil in the Arctic is not worth the trouble. Really. I honestly think I must be dreaming.

Autumn in Texas. Good times.


43 thoughts on “Happy Autumn

  1. Thank you to all who protested against Shell Oil…big thanks… One good thing is an otherwise unfolding environmental disaster. Love the bees and the butterflies… fall..I have mixed emotions about… I looked across the pond and I can see dead and dying ash trees due to the emerald ash border and it is going to change our forests forever….. Michelle


    1. It was great news no matter what their motivation. I am very afraid for all the forests remaining in North America. The emerald ash borer on your side, spruce bud worm on the west coast and extreme temperatures in the south. Not to mention the rape of the boreal forest for the tar sands projects in Northern Canada. In my city we have what they call an ‘urban forest’ but that term kind of shocks me. Like, to quote the Princes Bride movie: “You keep using that word. I don’t think it means what you think it means.”

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  2. Happy Fall! What a sweet little lizard. I’ve been tickled to see more of those around our place this year. I so admire their form and coloration. And speaking of form and color…that butterfly! The way you caught the light reflecting off the patches – absolutely gorgeous, a really special capture, that. I have what I think is snailseed vine but no berries I can see. Your neighbor needs to lighten up – it’s so pretty and not nearly so bothersome as bindweed (which I let run loose here in several spots – I’m a total sucker for those small purple blooms I’m afraid.

    I’m superstitious wrt acknowledging the Shell Oil announcement – I’m afraid it was a mistake and they’ll hear us celebrating and take it back!


    1. hahaha About the butterfly … there wasn’t any catching done. Luck, pure luck. Those swallowtails can be kind of hyperactive. I feel that same superstition about Shell. I’d love to just relax and say it is all over but of course in a defensive battle it never can be. Every win will always be temporary. Still welcome news.


  3. That is great news Debra and about time on that decision – the cynic in me thinks they must be heading elsewhere. Lovely photos of your Pipevine Swallowtail Butterfly, what a stunning visitor and Happy Autumn to you too.

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  4. Your Swallowtail is amazing so different to ours and with such vibrant colours. Let’s hope the price of oil doesn’t rise again and make the Arctic more worthwhile for them. Why isn’t it protected by government?


    1. Thanks, Christina. That is a good question: why would any government not protect this world that we depend on? I need oxygen more than I need electricity but maybe that is just me haha. I really do wonder why wild spaces enjoy no rights at all. I recently learned that mining and other extractive things go on all the time even in parks and National forests. Shocking.

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    1. Oh! Thanks for the link! Photographing butterflies is more anguish than fun for me I am afraid. I am always thinking in capital letters: STAY STILL and they never do.


  5. Oh your nature dwellers are so beautiful. I smiled because there was a house lizard that was able to enter my room through the window and i can’t drive it out. I always see it on the floor when i am eating, maybe asking for food. My moths and butterflies are posted at Pure Oxygen Generators, my other blog. Oh it doesn’t allow me to post.


    1. Thanks, Andrea. Sorry about the posting thing. I have to give my approval the first time someone posts something here and I don’t always check every day. I am not sure how to turn that off. I am looking forward to checking out your blog! We have a gecko living in the bathroom. On the one hand I am thrilled it has moved in. On the other, I worry about it getting along with the cat. Yours is so brave!


  6. When I got home near midnight from a grandmother trip I was delighted to find a spotted gecko on my front door eating insects attracted to the porch light. Glad to know it lives under the step, and keeps busy without my knowledge most nights. Your anole photo detail is outstanding.


    1. We have a Gecko in the bathroom and I am pretty happy about that. Hopefully, the cat is too old to give it much trouble. I was really happy with that anole shot. Sometimes the light and camera actually cooperate. His skin looks like millions of tiny beads.


  7. With the price of a barrel of oil selling for $40 and may sink as low as $20 in the coming months, wildlife have been given a reprieve in the Arctic, at least for now.
    I LOVE your pics of the swallowtail – sooo beautiful!


    1. Thanks, Eliza. Low prices. The dreamer in me wishes that governments would stop subsidizing a dying industry. That would force them into looking seriously at renewable energy. It has to collapse eventually. Makes sense to do it in a smart way. I was pretty tickled to capture that sheen. So often the camera fails to see what I see.

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  8. Ah a little baby lizard…I have been watching them scurry out of my way as I walk this last month. To fast for a photo! The Pipevine Swallowtail is stunning! And yes sigh of relief about not drilling in Alaska…I have also been enjoying the Pope’s messages even if I am not Catholic. Happy Autumn : )


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