Red Poppies


community garden poppies

“Painters use red like spice.” — Derek Jarman


32 thoughts on “Red Poppies

  1. Beautiful. I have one poppy that I got as a passalong plant, I really need more. The Lurie Garden has a sprinkling of red poppies that really do “pop” in the prairie landscape!


    1. Thanks. I am having so much fun with this new garden. I really hope I can maintain my enthusiasm once it really gets hot. haha


  2. Lovely photo. I’ ve been to Derek Jarman’ s seaside garden which is still interesting even though he is dead now.
    Glad to see a post from you again, I was about to write and ask you if you are OK.


    1. Thank you, Chloris. I am sorry to have been the cause of your concern. I’ve been working on my veggie garden and just got too busy to post. No gardening reference ever slips past you!


  3. Simply breathtaking. Words don’t/won’t do justice unless they in some way convey “LOOK at this”. So I’m stopping typing now and going back to do just that. (and, good to have you back posting!)


    1. haha I know. I just didn’t have anything to say about this. The red just kind of blocks out everything else. My community garden neighbour has a big patch of poppies blooming right now and I was mesmerized.


    1. Thanks. I wish. These were growing at the community garden where I have a veggie plot. They were spectacular though and now I want some too. haha


      1. The seeds are easy to collect and sow. As soon as the pods dry and crack open at the top, I pick a few and like a salt shaker sprinkle them where I want them to grow. Just remember in the spring where you spread them so you don’t think they are weeds. I thin the best to about a foot apart. Super easy!


        1. I doubt they will grow at my house which is in full shade but I’ll ask her for a pod to grow at the community garden. They were so beautiful.

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    1. This image is a cheat. The original is pretty but the red was much softer so I started playing around using GIMP and kind of liked the result.

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