Fun With Fungi

Silly Lichen Tricks

One benefit of living in an older neighbourhood is you can find really old lichen colonies. Look how this wall lichen grows in stripes showing how even a minute change in the habitat can affect growth.

lichen microhabitatExhibit 2. I found the photo below at this really helpful site. The plaque is made of copper. Now I know why copper is often used as a prime ingredient in fungicides.

Photographer: Heino Lepp

More Weirdness

Some jelly fungus fell into my backyard during the last storm. I picked it up and it felt like ancient Jello found in the back of the fridge. The colours can be quite variable. I’ve seen pictures of jelly fungus glowing like a jar of marmalade held up to the sun. Mine all seem to be a dull sea-weedy brown.

Jelly fungus will shrink to almost nothing in dry conditions and then plump up again when there is rain. I think it must be a decomposer because I have only found it growing on old dead logs.

jelly fungus on logjelly fungus on log 2Here’s the giant blob I found on the path. I put it on one of my handy logs though I doubt it will survive.

jelly fungus in handI heard a rumour that some jelly fungi are edible but uh I’ll give this one a pass.

I also found a tar black jelly like fungus. It was velvety soft to to the touch but the picture is much too scary to publish. All the better to haunt your dreams tonight …

Beware of the blob, it creeps
And leaps and glides and slides
Across the floor
Right through the door
And all around the wall
A splotch, a blotch
Be careful of the blob

Edit: Forgot to include this lovely fungus. A series of these were growing on a fallen log by the creek. This one was easily the size of a dinner plate and the colour of a bloody beef steak.

big as a dinner plate


36 thoughts on “Fun With Fungi

  1. I’d never seen the jelly fungus before – it is certainly more attractive than the vomit fungus that rises up out of hardwood mulch so commonly. And who is naming these, anyway!! : )

    Superb shots and a fascinating glimpse at the slow/low world we too often ignore.


        1. Oh I was just being silly. Like saying ‘neat’ but adding a rhyme. Sorry for the confusion. But I would eat a mushroom buritto come to think of it …


      1. From my perspective, it’s fine to focus on things that fascinate you. It really is inspiring and provides valuable information about the environment that surrounds us that so often remains unnoticed.


    1. Not too appetizing looking though it apparently has some amazing health benefits. I’ll put it on the ‘things to eat in case of a zombie apocalpyse’ list.

      Liked by 1 person

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