I Don’t Want to Set the World on Fire

Confession time. I used to play a lot of World of Warcraft and though it may seem incongruous (being a peace lovin’ vegan) I really liked PvP. That’s player vs player gaming for any civilized person accidentally reading this. I spent far too many mornings logging in to meet up with like-minded murderous housewives. We’d group up and go out to a couple battlegrounds where we ruthlessly and relentlessly destroyed any member of the Alliance that we came across. On the surface we looked like normal housewives — sipping coffee, laughing and talking about how it is impossible to find a decent loaf of whole wheat bread. Nobody who knew us would have guessed that we were really a bunch of Orcs and horned beasts bent on genocidal slaughter.

One of my characters was a fire mage and when I played it I liked to listen to music. One of the songs on my playlist was The Ink Spots song I Don’t Want to Set the World on Fire. I would laugh like an evil supervillainess and sing, “I just want to start a flame in your heart!” and POOF another elf went up in smoke. muhahahaha For the Horde!

So seeing THIS the other day actually caused a full stop as I walked through a nearby parking lot. Blowing up imaginary elves is one thing; this aspiration exists on a whole new level ….

jesus and the world on fireOf course it was on the back of an SUV. o.0


42 thoughts on “I Don’t Want to Set the World on Fire

  1. oh Debra- love your post!! Shhh don’t tell anyone!! I was a gamer too but not a leveling up gamer- I heard they are very addictive! I played the puzzle story games like the brilliant Myst/Riven series and even tried a stint at role playing ( very briefly) in SL (MMORPG) virtual world which had some beautiful historic builds etc ( but rather strange psychologies at work). I suppose that went with my storytelling bend!


  2. Omg Debra I never would have thought you played WoW! I did too! I sucked at PvP and was constantly being ganked by horde. Grrrr! “For the Alliance!” ;)
    I had a fire mage when I first started playing, but then ended up with a shadow priest as my main. Ahh fun times! Makes me miss playing…


    1. Jewels! Really? Small world. I -never- would have guessed. I had a shadow priest too. =D It became my main raider. There were some good times like running in cat form on the beach at sunset in Tanaris for the very first time! hahaha And then one day it all felt a little too much like an OCD nightmare and I got out for good.

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  3. OK, just for the record – I am fairly sure that depiction is supposed to represent Jesus appearing AFTER the world has spiraled into end day stuff (which is of course all our bad) and saving everybody (at least everybody who knows the secret handshake).

    An orc, eh? Somehow I can’t stop grinning at the image of coffee-sipping wheat bread seeking Mommas out laying waste to a computer generated army of opponents. Especially you with your WW2 era theme song. Ink Spots for the win!

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    1. I do hope that is the meaning or that it is an unfortunate representation of the more benign idea of his message going viral. Orc, Tauren, Goblin … heh. I realize now that I have set a pretty bizarre image in everyone’s mind. I’ll never live this down.


  4. Well, this was just what I needed after a long day looking at the economic costs of litter. I learned that Bud Light cans are the most frequently littered beer brand in Texas. It costs $454 to clean up an illegal dumping in Collin County.The SUV owner maybe missed the decorated conversion van fad of the early Eighties. And I used to be addicted to The Sims. Talk about starting fires!


    1. Ah! Confirmed! When I helped with our local creek clean-up I too noticed that particular brand of beer was way over represented.


  5. What does that … illustration even mean? Is it about Armegeddon? Jesus looks awfully calm as he burns up the earth. My thing was the game Civilization. For about a year I would take my society from caveman to outer space settlement AT LEAST two or three times per day. Then I suddenly got tired of it.

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        1. Yeah. It kind of gives me the shivers. How do you find common ground with someone who thinks the rapture/total global destruction/whatever it is going on there is a GOOD thing?


  6. I think we all have an alter-ego, darker side, what ever you want to call it! It is how we act on those thoughts that matter in the end…so I am not surprised someone as intelligent and passionate as you would have a darker patch in your past : ) I have to admit I love to imagine having a pink ray gun that let’s me send stupid drivers to strange and desolate places at my whim! Zap you are on Mars, Zap you are in the middle of China…it is my favorite game to play while driving!
    P.S. thank you for the Net Neutrality reminder!

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  7. And I thought you were a nice, peace- loving, gardening lady. I never dreamt you were a part time Orc. Words fail me. Still, better that than a Jesus freak like the SUV driver. Now that is spooky.

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    1. How do they see out the back? I’ve always wondered that when I see something like this. I also think this is a particularly Texas thing, though I couldn’t say for sure.


      1. I have wondered the same thing! It is probably semi transparent like the ads on buses. You can see out better than you can see in but still … why obstruct any part of your vision?


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