Drought Survival Rebates

If you live in Austin and buy compost or mulch check out this rebate program. We may be going to Stage 4 soon. Here’s a question to think about: what happens after that?


14 thoughts on “Drought Survival Rebates

  1. That is a good question. I hope your summer improves in TX. Your area really has had a number of rough years. Even places like here that never really suffered drought, has been having months without rain. Our snowfall last year and this will help quite a bit for groundwater reserve and tree health.


    1. Thanks. I know it is bad all over really. The reason I ask that question is because all over the Southwest we can pretty much be sure that the situation is not going to improve but because of our geography and rising temperatures the situation will get worse — much worse. So far municipalities are using the stage system to get people to use less water. That is working. Sort of. Even in Austin where we have had a huge influx of people we are actually using less water now than 10 years ago. But. Rationing isn’t going to solve the problem because we are continuing to use more water than is being recharged.

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  2. A couple of Augusts ago our automated system failed and as we were waiting for the repair we couldn’t do anything but hand water. I chose a few container plants, took a deep breath and stood ready to mourn losses while I was determined to cherish and propagate survivors. A repair solved the problem short term, but I am readying myself for a similar outcome when we go to stage 4.

    Can’t you feel it? We are on the cusp of such a large shift in attitudes and approaches to water use. We are living in interesting times…

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    1. I recently read A Great Aridness: Climate Change and the Future of the American Southwest by William deBuys and I swear that at a couple key moments I had mini panic attacks. We need a huge shift but I fear the mainstream hasn’t quite figured it out yet. A small example: just this year Dallas thought it would be cool to have its biggest ever pumpkin festival. It was big before but this year would be even bigger. Such an obscene waste of water was completely accepted as normal — some were even applauding it as the best pumpkin festival in the country.


  3. Kidding. Sort of. But thanks for the information. Funnily enough, I’ve never tapped into the landscape rebates–solar (yes!!) and toiliets (yes!), but not plants. Wonder why that is?


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