Happy Valentine’s Day

What is more romantic than hawks dancing in the sky or giving each other flowers? Not much. I really should have saved that post for this week.

Luckily, romance is all around us. A woodpecker is excavating a nest way up high on a dead pecan branch. The tiny drifts of sawdust that fall help me imagine just how difficult such a task is. Even if he is working with punky wood his beak is a tiny tool. And he is very shy. He hides every time I step into the backyard. I hope he won’t give up.

The mockingbirds are singing again. The ones with the best songs will win the hearts of the ladies making their courtship something all of us can enjoy. Unlike other birds who learn and repeat the same song, a mockingbird builds his own song. A young mockingbird has a short song that sounds like the base song of any other mockingbird. But over time he will imitate sounds from the environment. If he likes the way those sounds feel he will weave those notes and phrases into his main song. An elderly mockingbird might have more than 200 vocalizations to choose from.

I saw these romantic flowers whispering yesterday.


And here’s a cactus leaf from last spring …

valentine cactusHappy Valentine’s Day!

24 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day

  1. Lovely post, especially the cactus. I saw a valentine shaped tire track (in some oil) in a parking lot yesterday (at least it looked like a valentine to me!). Alas, I didn’t have my camera. I need to start sticking it in my purse every time I go out!


  2. Happy Valentine’s Day Debra.
    “Must, bid the Morn awake!
    Sad Winter now declines,
    Each bird doth choose a mate;
    This day’s Saint Valentine’s.
    For that good bishop’s sake
    Get up and let us see
    What beauty it shall be
    That Fortune us assigns.”
    – Michael Drayton


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