Spring Blossoms

Edit: not plum blossoms at all! They are peaches! (probably)

I want to make a local calendar that isn’t based on the movement of celestial bodies but on key actions of plants and animals.

If I were to do something mad like that, my calendar might start with the Mexican Plum. At least I -think- this is a plum tree. I am not entirely certain because I don’t remember this particular tree producing fruit last year and nearly all the pictures I could find of Mexican Plums showed white blossoms that were a bit smaller than these. As always I welcome correction if I am in error.

plum blossom
Blossoms and bark

As the first large plant in full blossom it was no surprise to see honey bees swarming. No native bees though.

blue sky plum
beginning to leaf out

Here’s a shot that shows various flowering stages

blossom progressionHappy Spring.


33 thoughts on “Spring Blossoms

  1. Here our calendar, as you suggest, would be more in line with the solstice or later….what a treat to see these gorgeous blooms.


    1. Beginning the year with the solstice makes sense to me. I am re-thinking having the year start with Mexican Plum Blossoms. I now think it should begin with “The time when ants go walking and hawks perform the sky dance.” haha ok maybe that’s a bit wordy …


  2. I love your calendar idea! I live by the changes in the trees, plants and flowers more now since I work at home. Spring is coming early it seems and we have a new flock of baby doves that are so cute. The first daffodils are up but no blossoms on our Mexican plum yet. Ours has white blossoms with pink streaks. It did not bare fruit last year even though it was covered in blossoms. I am not sure why!


    1. Oh my gosh. Baby doves! I can only imagine the cuteness. I will have to go see if the trees that I know are Mexican Plums are blooming yet and make a comparison. I gathered some plums last year and I was surprised at how sweet and good they were. I had heard they can be variable in quality but these could be eaten out of hand. Hope your tree bears fruit this year. No fruit is a puzzle. You must get plenty of pollinators and there surely were enough chill hours the winter previous ….

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    1. For those of us not involved in agriculture that depends on the movement of the planet through space it might make more sense to see and expect smaller events.


    1. That is one of my favourite things — seeing the buds and knowing what is going to happen. I did see this tree only days ago and thought — soon — and it still came as a surprise.


    1. Thank you. The colours were amazing. I didn’t want to flood the space with a million pictures of the same thing but originally I was thinking of showing how the blossom colours ranged from nearly white to a deep fushia.


  3. That’s a wonderful idea–logging the year according to what’s blooming. Maybe you could market it to local nurseries or small gift shops.

    Gorgeous photos, scrumptious.


    1. Thanks, Tina. A calendar like that would be more meaningful to me than the one we have in some ways. I would know, for example, when I could start to expect the orchard bees to appear. I could connect certain flowers with people’s birthdays too.


  4. That can be a pleasant side result of blogging, of course. If you wish to, you can record what is in bloom every month, week, or day.

    I cannot correct your tree identification but I can certify it is gorgeous! Your shots are iconic for Spring with a capital S.


    1. It was such a pleasant surprise to see this tree covered in pink. And then I got home and saw the first daffodil of the year!


    1. Thank you. =) I suppose people have been recording these things forever but it does seem to me that it would be a nice paradigm shift to see what the earth here is saying to us with its own language.

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