Nessy the Lakeness Dragon

One of my favourite artists has struck again. Dixie Friend Gay is responsible for the amazing sea creature below:

Nessy the Lakeness Dragon
Nessy the Lakeness Dragon

It is really tall. And the mosaic work is exquisite. Each scale is individually beautiful but the way they all work together? Just go see it. You won’t be disappointed.

Where can it be found? Across the street from the Thinkery at the kid’s park in Mueller.


23 thoughts on “Nessy the Lakeness Dragon

    1. I could not resist touching the surface — the colours and textures are amazing. Gay is an amazing artist whose work shows a great range of emotion. In this case it is playful and clearly designed for children but her themes do look to the big issues of our day. I cannot say enough good things about her.


    1. This photo only hints at its beauty I am afraid. I will have to return and see what different lighting conditions will do. Each ‘stone’ in the mosaic is amazing.


    1. I know! What a fun piece. I am sure that many many children are going to be inspired by it. I saw a lot of little people reach out to touch the stones — the colour glows in the Texas sun. A few even tried to climb it. Not too successfully with the result looking more like bear cubs hugging a tree. The cute-o-meter is now completely broken.


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