Must See Film for Those Who Care About Wildlife

Exposed: USDA’s Secret War on Wildlife (about 30 minutes long)

Heartbreaking and inspiring at the same time. It won an award from the Wildlife Conservation Film Festival and has gathered great reviews by people like Jane Goodall.


6 thoughts on “Must See Film for Those Who Care About Wildlife

  1. I haven’t watched the film and am not sure I will, though I’m aware of the campaigns against native predators perpetrated by big ag and hunting interests groups.

    Thank you for posting this.


    1. Well. Never mind the ‘must watch’ part. haha. I was just so inspired by these whistle-blowers. They did not at all conform to my expectations.


  2. I read about the film on the website and will be honest: I will not watch the film itself. I believe everything written about the film is true, I believe the situation is every bit as horrible as described, and I agree reform must follow the atrocities uncovered. However I simply will not force myself to view the images. I can barely watch nature shows any more and they are supposed to enlighten and uplift rather than shock us into action.

    I realize how contradictory I sound. I am not a vegetarian. I will allow animals to be slaughtered for me to eat but I won’t watch animal slaughter filmed as a call to action to right a wrong on their behalf? I’m not here to defend my position but simply to say I can not watch this film. I have and will continue to support organizations that fight against such abuses, and I thank you Debra, for helping to bring this particularly flagrant abuse of office and power into the light.

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    1. I totally understand. I admit I spent most of my time ‘listening to’ rather than watching this film. I really can’t handle seeing violence and I believe that is a sign of sanity rather than weakness. I do eat a vegan diet. I was inspired to go that way when as a child I saw what happens in factory farms and fishing. Knowing the truth changed my life but I sure hope we are not at a place where an image has to be horrible to get people’s attention — that knowing the facts would be enough. But what to do with these facts now? That is what I am wondering.


  3. I have just watched it through Debra, how extraordinarily sad and disturbing. I was waiting throughout to hear that the people involved had been arrested…..Does the film have to make its rounds before something is done and this organisation is brought in line. Reform is clearly well overdue.


    1. Reform is long overdue and it all starts with people becoming informed. These whistleblowers are just so amazing. Thanks for watching and caring.


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