Energize Me

Mueller Lake

Winter landscapes direct my eye to bigger pictures: water, sky, the year’s successes and failures.

The community organized a creek clean-up this weekend. It was a little bit scary for me because my left wrist and hand are still not fully functional. I was afraid of taking a spill on the slippery bank so I did something a little crazy. I walked into the creek and picked up the garbage from there. The water was not nearly as cold as I expected; it was in fact refreshing and felt cleansing. Bonus: I knew any poison ivy juice would get washed away. Anti-bonus: I scared a whole lot of fish. Plus, as I walked home two separate couples crossed the road rather than dare contact with the mad woman leaving a dripping trail behind her.

I rose from the dark waters. I am SWAMP THING!

grackle pool party
grackle pool party


My inner nerd had some fun thinking about energy flows. Garbage was widespread due to some recent heavy rains but it tended to accumulate in certain areas. The lay of the land really can create energy rich spots. The piles of human debris were markers showing where air and water flow into the creek. Removing the negative human debris should provide a quick start opportunity for good things to happen.

What did we find? The common — a lot of styrofoam (thanks Dow Chemical). Water bottles (thanks Nestle). And dryer fabric. An amazing amount of dryer fabric that seems to melt around twigs and branches. Thanks Procter & Gamble.

Trivia question: Do you know which beer drinkers are the most careless? I do. An unintended consequence of labelling. haha

There were some surprises. One person found a fifty foot two inch fire hose! I had a small CSI moment. I found a heavy plastic garbage bag mostly buried in the silt. I was a little afraid of looking inside so I waited a moment for The Who to start singing ‘Won’t Get Fooled Again.’ When the music didn’t intrude I knew it was safe to look inside. Happily, the bag only contained mouldering school books. Whew.

Happy holidays to all the lovely creatures that bring us joy throughout the year. Hope you enjoy your cleaner safer creek. =)


16 thoughts on “Energize Me

  1. I’m sitting here trying to imagine why anybody would pile school books (even old ones) into a trash bag that would somehow end up buried in the silt… You were wise to wait for the music (or lack of same).

    Thanks for helping clear our waterways and also for helping clear our thinking on so many topics. Here’s to another year of learning together!


    1. I puzzled over the school books, too. Most of the scenarios I imaged are kind of tragic. Thanks for the kind words, Cheers for the new year.


  2. Hope you were able to get your wellies off after the clean-up. It’s bad walking around like the Weird Woman of the Swamp. It’s worse sitting on your own doorstep trying to pry those boots off your soggy, swollen, chilly socks and feet.


    1. =D Wait. What. Being a Swamp Thing is bad? haha. I SHOULD have worn rubber boots but instead I just put on an old pair of sneakers. The water was much warmer than I expected. Not cold at all.


  3. Wait, which beer was it? Although wouldn’t you have to cross reference the quantity of the type of beer drunk locally with the number of bottles and cans found for each beer? Shouldn’t this be based on bottles and cans per capita for the number of loyalists for each beer in the region? Whoah, this is getting too deep for me. Anyhow, kudos for participating in such a worthy volunteer effort, and Happy Holidays!


    1. hahaha It was easy. ALL the cans of beer were the same brand. So while some of the garbage must have floated downstream I am pretty sure these cans must have come from someone local — someone who enjoys a brew down by the creek. Happy holidays. =)


  4. Well done Swamp Lady, what a great job you do to keep your lovely river clean. Dryer fabric? I’ ve never really understood what that is for apart from clogging up rivers.
    Have a very happy Xmas.


    1. Happy Xmas, Chloris. It was actually a pleasant time and didn’t feel like work at all — a wonderful excuse to get ‘immersed’ in it all. And dryer fabric. How weird. I would not have predicted that as a big polluter — I kind of figured that was a thing of the past.


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