A bunch of late photo101 assignments ….

Landmark We were supposed to try this one from various angles and using different lighting. Here’s the one I liked the most:

Willowbrook tree swing
Willowbrook tree swing

Whenever people need to meet at Willowbrook Reach, they usually go to the swing so it is kind of a landmark even if it isn’t grand.

Colour Pop

Assignment: colour can tell a story. I am still working on capturing this idea visually but I think the next two photos kind of work if you know the context. The creek at Willowbrook Reach has been murky most of the summer: partly from nearby construction, mostly from lack of water flow. Recent cool temperatures and a nice heavy rain have left the creek so clear there are places where I can see right to the pebbles:

floating leaf
floating leaf and passenger

Someone who hates clear water threw a bunch of pumpkins into the creek to decay. Here was one:

pumpkin pollution
pumpkin pollution

And the assignment for the day: Moment. Capture motion.

Water bubbles:

water bubbles
water bubbles

And sundance:


11 thoughts on “A bunch of late photo101 assignments ….

  1. I like the swing also. I like the red and to me this is a case where the rule of two-thirds works well. I think maybe without any context the photo, and especially a B&W version, might have a lonely look to it.


  2. I like each photograph, they are all telling a story! I like the ripples on the water the most. Nice to see clear water so happy you are getting rain!!!


    1. Well, it was one rain. hahaha but strong enough to do the job. Thanks, Laurin: telling a story is exactly what I keep aiming for.


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