Architecture: photo101

I wonder if you get 10% off for handing in late homework for photo101? Maybe I can slip this to the bottom of the pile and nobody will notice ….

This assignment was to look for architectural features and to try seeing what switching to black & white can tell you about the image. Trying this made me aware of how rarely I am seeing line, pattern and texture. I mostly photograph colour …

I went back to an area I have photographed before and tried shooting the same scene at different times during the day and using different angles. Here are a few samples.

Flowers vs razor wire, fall edition …


DSCN8018Flowers vs Razor wire in afternoon sun …

DSCN7855This is what the scene looked like in the summer when the flowers were winning …

flowers v razorwireI really put in a good effort trying to photograph buildings and various architectural features but no offence intended to all the architects out there … I was more inspired by nature’s architecture than anything human built.

Like this new insect condo development. Seems bugs know all about how to reduce, reuse and recycle.

insect condo
insect condo

And now I am just going to stop. Otherwise I will flood the space with spider webs and lizard burrows, bird nests and owl hollows … another time perhaps.


6 thoughts on “Architecture: photo101

  1. A space flooded with spider webs, lizard burrows, bird nests and owl hollows sounds like someplace I want to be.

    OK, maybe just 5 percent off for lateness because you submitted multiple studies? Says me.


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