The Natural World

Well. Today’s photo101 assignment was The Natural World. The twist was to use lines as part of the composition. Use or break the rule of thirds.

The first is a curving tendril from a passion fruit vine.

twist 2tendril

The second is all about triangles.

boggy creek
upper boggy creek

14 thoughts on “The Natural World

    1. Thanks, Jim. It’s pretty early yet to know if there has been any progress or even change but I feel these assignments are helpful. I think I am starting to develop a vocabulary for understanding why some compositions might work while others might not.

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  1. Nice photos! I like them both for different reasons. The first for its minimalist nature, the second because it reminds me of the creek and woods I played in as a kid. Not sure I would have made the triangles association in Upper Boggy Creek, but with you pointing it out it was obvious.


  2. These are so much fun. Maybe we should all start giving ourselves assignments to break up that whole “close shot of a bee on a flower and done” drill. I know I get stuck there routinely.


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