The photo101 theme for today is: connect.

skippers and sage
skippers and sage

I really love all the blue and purple sages that grow wild in fields. They are one of the first flowers to bloom in March and are still going strong in November.

I wish these skippers would have stuck around a bit longer — long enough for me to tilt my camera. As I learned last week, most photos probably want to be horizontal but this one might have worked better with a vertical composition.


16 thoughts on “Connect

  1. The blues of the salvia in contrast to the golden browns of the skippers is so satisfying. I love that the butterflies are at angles one to the other. Doubt any photographer could have posed them any better. Connection, made!


    1. Thanks for saying. I have been trying to get salvia pictures all year but I am never totally happy with the results. They always look so much better than my camera ever picks up. The skippers helped highlight the colour … but still working on the perfect shot.


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