Butterflies on the Edge

Wild spaces in the city are a little bit like the writing you can find in book margins. Here are some doodles I found yesterday.

(Feel free to click on any of these photos. Doing so should open up a gallery which I just learned how to create thanks to photo101.)

The buckeye and pipeline swallowtail were firsts for me. The buckeye enjoys a pretty wide variety of host plants. One source mentioned frogfruit which I already started this fall.. The pipevine swallowtail though is pretty much devoted to Aristolochia vines. I guess I’ll be ordering some seeds …

And here’s a yellow coneflower just because it is a flower in November:

yellow coneflower
yellow coneflower

16 thoughts on “Butterflies on the Edge

  1. I wish we had Buckeyes…and I have not planted pipevine yet. It is on my list as I would love to see these butterflies one day.


  2. I love your butterflies and I am so impressed that you can create galleries. I’ m just amazed at myself every time I upload photos. Or is it download? I can never remember.


    1. Well the gallery thing is just a button on wordpress so I don’t really feel all that proud of clicking it hahaha but I appreciate the kindness. The butterflies! In November. Pretty neat.


  3. I think I need to do that photo101 thing–I’m liking your stuff. I only saw one pipevine this year and I rarely see buckeyes though they’re common here. Hmmm.


    1. I’d seen pictures of buckeyes before so I knew what it was as soon as I saw it but it was the first time I’d seen one live. Soooo colourful!


  4. Very nice color and subjects. Plus, you now can do a gallery. Try out different variations. One thing I noticed about galleries is how they inflate the views on a blog post.

    Keep the 101s coming.


  5. You are playing my song here. Nothing I appreciate seeing more in November sunshine than butterflies and blooms. It looks like significantly cooler weather is on our way, but until then? It is right and salutary to enjoy glorious sights like these. (cool gallery feature…)


    1. How does that happen here? It is like a light switch. We go from winter to summer in a heart beat and vice versa. Fall comes for about a week in October and spring lasts about a week in February — sometimes March. Blink and you miss it.


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