lonely trees
lonely trees

The photo101 assignment: for the day: depict solitude; use the rule of thirds.

I’m a bit obsessed with these two trees at the park. I’ve photographed them many times. I find them kind of eerie. I think it is because they are so unnaturally placed. All alone and at the top of a hill … surrounded by a monoculture of short cut grass. No tree should be an island.

On the other wilder side of the park the trees tend to look more like this one:

a tree with friends
a tree with friends



14 thoughts on “Solitude

  1. I absolutely love the 2 trees at the top and how they lean in to each other for a bit of support…quite an incredible scene and shot.


  2. There is a beautiful song Dos Arbolitos your trees reminded me of it. Linda Rhondstat sings it on her album she did of Mexican folk songs, I think it is called Para Mi Padre. I would put a link for you but I can’tell figure out how on my phone. I will try to remember to find it when I get back from traveling : ) maybe you will find it.


    1. I have heard of it and sometimes use the rule of thirds in cropping but honestly not really. I just go outside and snap away at things that strike my fancy. That noobery is why I joined the photo101 challenge … to learn a bit more (hopefully).

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