Water Falls

This is my photo101 shot for the day. The assignment: capture something about water. Include a foreground and background.

A cheat. This is an old photo but ironically we have flood warnings today so it might be too dangerous to go out to get something fresh. (Promise to self to try this assignment at a later date).046 (9)


22 thoughts on “Water Falls

  1. Wow, that is gorgeous! I have been trying to hit “Like” on some of your photos in the last week or so, and there was no button for that. (??) But now I see them under the photos, so I will get busy!


  2. oh I do wish I could take pics like you Debra, between your stories and the photos I feel like I am getting to know your world there and that is such a gift.
    I wrote a story about meeting a waterfall one day last year – called
    ‘no more monkeys climbing on the bed’ –
    and after that I have been asking him who takes me places to take me to more. and one day he did- he took me to the Tuross Falls so close to my home as the crow flies but a 3 hour trip to go around the mountains to get there but aahhh such wild wild beauty just living for itself just doing its sublime thing..
    love love love nature


    1. Your blog is one of the reasons I come to wordpress. I love the magic and majesty of your words.Pictures are kind of lazy short cuts in comparison. I read your stories and I get transported — not just to the image you describe but also to your imagination — times, places, associations that only you bring to the place. I’d love to see your world of course but sharing your feelings about it isn’t second best.


    1. =D I won’t tell a soul; your secret is safe with me. I do want to make an effort to try this assignment though. I could see from your example how it really does make a difference.


  3. Old photo, new photo, it matters not – this shot captures the assignment beautifully (says me). I can practically hear the water singing. Where was this taken, Deb?


    1. Thanks. This was taken at the Mueller prairie garden. Not the manicured parkland by the Thinkery but the area further south by 38 1/2 Street.


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