A Perilous Quest

My photo101 offering for the day: the key word was street but the challenge was to show the foreground subject connecting with the background. Yipes. I now understand how macro shots are a kind of cheap trick and that I rely on them far too much. This exercise was even more difficult than I imagined but well worth the effort. I really like this idea of trying to link the subject with its surroundings — it opens up the chance for the photo to tell a story.

pecan squirrel


24 thoughts on “A Perilous Quest

  1. The composition of your photo is excellent. I think it’s so hard, those longer shots. I never get the same as what I see myself. I’m working on that. You’re correct, with the right equipment, the macro shots are, in some ways, easier. Though, I still have some work to do. I have to ditto other commenters: I think your photos are amazing.


    1. Thx, Tina. I am constantly amazed by what I filter out in my mind as I take a photo. How I don’t see random bits of garbage or as you say how the camera seems to see something quite different. Makes me kind of think Freud wasn’t all bunk. At any rate, I am really enjoying this chance to learn more about taking photos.


  2. You take some great Macro shots Debra, but I get what you mean, its a completely different thought process composing a whole photo rather than concentrating on minute detail. I really like this shot too. What is Photo 101?


    1. Thanks, Julie. I am having fun stretching my meagre skill set. Photo101 is a WordPress challenge event for November. Each day they will present a new photo assignment to help noobs like me improve their photography. It probably isn’t too late to join if that kind of thing interests you.


    1. She probably is the same squirrel. Squirrels are well known for their skills in teleportation ;) Please tell her hi next time you see her.


    1. She didn’t stay there for very long — part of the reason behind the poor focus! haha
      Thanks for the kind words. Learning to use a camera is turning out to be a lot of fun. =)


    1. Thanks. That exercise is now on the list of things to keep trying. The black and white was my way of maybe taking the mind off the bad focus. Like, lets pretend it is one of those old newspaper photos printed in dots. (Only fooling myself of course).


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