Blanketflower with Snoozing Bee

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blanket flower and beeHow strange. A blanketflower decided this week would be a good time to bloom. Early this morning I took this picture in passing just for the novelty of seeing a patch of blanketflower flowering in November. Only when I got home did I see the snoozing native bee.


24 thoughts on “Blanketflower with Snoozing Bee

  1. Great closeup of the bee. I tried one earlier this year of one in a coneflower, but as much as I love my iPhone camera, it just doesn’t always make for good closeups. Have to get out the real camera for this course, maybe…


    1. Ahhh, you are one of those people with the magic touch. It is supposed to be easy to grow — easy enough that it grows in ditches here but when I try it never survives,


  2. Awww…shhhhhh. Don’t wake the bees! Looks like the time change caught up with this guy too?

    Gorgeous shot Debra. What a great “catch”. It is hard to resist blanketflowers in bloom. I put out seed for blanketflowers recently, (twice!). I never had them here previously but hoping to get a self reseeding mass established. Jenny at Rock Rose says some of hers bloom year ’round unless the winter is especially severe.

    Speaking of out of season a bit, I have two bluebonnets in bloom here at the moment (minus sleeping bees) and I keep thinking I’ll just cut them back to the rosette (they got weirdly tall, too) but those flowers! I just can’t do it.


    1. Thanks and wow. A bluebonnet flowering now is some kind of crazy outlier. My fingers are still crossed for a mild winter in direct defiance of the persimmon prediction. =)


  3. Very weird to have a blanket flower blooming now, but I also saw some iris blooming in my neighborhood. Cute bee. But then, I think all bees are cute.


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