The Truth (or something like it) is Out There

Early this morning I think I saw an alien close by this water feature:

Mueller Pond October
Mueller Pond October

It was just after sunrise. I saw something move ahead of me on the path, But of course before I could get my lens cap off, it shuffled off into the grass. I didn’t see its head but I believe it was what paranormal investigators like to call a Grey Alien. At least, that was the overall colour of the being. The skin was thick — kind of like an elephant’s. Actually it looked more like a combo between plate armour and chain mail. Perhaps it is a member of some kind of warrior caste.

My identification MIGHT be mistaken. When I looked up Grey Alien on Wikipedia I could find no mention of any aliens having tails and there most definitely was a tail on this little fellow. It was long and came to a point.

If anyone else saw this being I hope we can compare notes.


16 thoughts on “The Truth (or something like it) is Out There

    1. Yet another paranormal investigator! An interesting theory but it wasn’t actually in the pond. It looked most at home in the tall grasses.


        1. sotto voce (you are off the hook since you live across the ocean. It is an armadillo but from now on I will always think of it as a space fox.)


  1. Have you tried feeding it, that might lead to you getting a better look at it or even a photograph. Aliens eat insects and a lot of ants. May be tempted by fruit and an insect bird food like meal worms. You need to find it’s space ship :)

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    1. Now that I know where it is living I am on the hunt. I didn’t know you were a paranormal investigator! Thanks so much for the tip.


  2. I’ve taken photos, then looked at the feature where you can see what the photo is and it’s black. After that brief nano-second of fear that my camera is broken beyond repair, I realize I didn’t take the lens cap off. Duh.

    Fox? They’re around here in Austin.

    I’ve been to Mueller! Remember you told me about the prairie? Well, I haven’t been there yet, because I ran out of time, but I walked the path around the pond. Nice!


  3. Just after sunrise is probably prime alien spotting territory, right? Angle of the light and all. Did your alien move nimbly or lumber along? Maybe that additional information would jog somebody’s memory… Meantime, your pond shot is gorgeous plus. Are pond aliens friendly? Questions, I have so many questions….

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    1. More furtive than friendly. It definitely lumbered and seemed to be a little bit bigger than our overweight cat. Hopefully citizens will come forward.


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