Last Days of the Field Cricket

field cricketSing your death song, and die like a hero going home.  — Tecumseh


8 thoughts on “Last Days of the Field Cricket

    1. Me too and I felt sorry for this one. Not just for his extreme injuries but because as winter approaches his days are numbered anyway.


  1. Reconciling the quote with the cricket is a stretch for me. A long time ago sidewalks on either side of Congress Avenue downtown would accumulate piles of yelling field crickets, followed by piles of field cricket bodies. It made walking there extremely loud and unpleasant. I still have a built in shudder reaction around these guys. Their appearance in such numbers brought to mind “pestilence” rather than nobility in death.


      1. No apologies needed I assure you! That revulsion reaction to crickets was formed in me as a young girl and even though I approach insects differently now that I garden, apparently it still kicks in. I haven’t been downtown in ages and don’t know if the crickets still appear in numbers that way, and still have no idea why they were gathering in such an urban setting. I recall being told it was the lights being on during most of the evening that drew the crickets in? Something like that…


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