Asters are Stars

Dayflowers and Gregg’s Mistflowers you are invisible to me. There’s a new kid in town: asters.

The stems and leaves are thin and not much to look at. Until they bloomed I wouldn’t have known the plants were even there. What a nice surprise. This is the mystery aster (to me) that grows near the creek.

creek asters

They must like a little moisture. They grow near but not on the creek bank. And they grow in profusion lighting up the understory.


smattering of asters

I can’t tell if they are pink or white or blue or maybe all of the above. Closeups:

solitary asterDSCN6930


dew aster












We’ve enjoyed some refreshingly cool nights lately. We’ve actually been hitting the dew point which I am sure comes as a great relief to wildlife. It might not seem like much for us but if you are very small …

american bumblebee
American Bumblebee (far right)

blue yellow redIt can mean bath time or even a nice refreshing drink.

16 thoughts on “Asters are Stars

  1. Asters are so delicate looking but then you see them growing out in some wild spot and you realize they must be tough too! As with a lot of the sunflowers, asters do kind of all look alike at first glance (and second and….). I just call them all “aster thingies” and leave it at that.

    As much as I adore that ladybug sipping away under the blue flower, that shot above of the wild morning glory growing amidst the blue sage with the bumblebee entering stage right? I want to spend all day in that one.


    1. That bumblebee would NOT let me take its picture. That was the closest I got to a keeper in a dumpster load full of photos. I saw him buzzing around beside a roadway. Those flowers are all ‘weeds’ that someone is going to come along and just mow. arrgh


        1. Breaks my heart. I am too shy to just dig these things out so I politely wait for them to go to seed. And just when it comes close to harvest time … brrrumpzzzz there goes the mower …


    1. We do have a lot here. When I looked it up I got 69 results. They -mostly- all look alike to me so for now I will just call them asters and not get too hung up on the ID.


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