More rain, please

More rain, please. The toads are getting desperate. I found another little guy nestling with the rain lily seedlings yesterday morning. I can almost imagine his relief:

All the miles of a hard road are worth a moment of true happiness.  –Arnold Lobel

germinating frogs
another germinating frog

Happy thought of the day …

Austin remains in a state of severe drought. And yet … though we are one of the fastest growing urban areas in the country, each year sees us using less and less water.

Austin isn’t alone. Declining water use is a trend all across the west. I see this as a little data point of hope and proof that collective action can make a huge difference.


13 thoughts on “More rain, please

    1. Thanks, Julie. Since we have been in a drought situation for most of the past ten years I am kind of thinking we won’t get more rain. I think this is our new normal (if that makes sense) but we can always hope =)


      1. Oh I had not realised that, I understand what you mean by new normal. I suppose your creatures have to adapt to new conditions but that does not make it any easier either. I understand even more now by the other replies the importance to save water and plant appropriately.


        1. I appreciate the good wishes =) The situation is pretty bad. Our source of water is just above 30% capacity. If it dips any lower it will be declared the worst drought since records have been kept.


  1. Yup, it’s a bit dry, isn’t it? I transplanted a few things (natives!) last week, but gosh darnit, I’m having to water them every other day or so. Love that big toad–handsome chap!


    1. He is quite handsome. I never met a toad I didn’t like — but then I am not in Australia …
      The picture is much bigger than the real thing. He is nestled in a two inch square potting cell =)


  2. Less water usage is very important. The future doesn’t bode well in terms of water supply for many regions. There are other places in the world where there is going to be too much.

    Nice big closeup of that fellow.


  3. I have no way of proving this, but it seems every time I drive around town I’m seeing less lawn and more beds, many if not most of them using native and xeric plants. The Hub has been tracking our water use here for a few years now, and ironically, the more xeric plants we get established here, the less water we end up using to keep them growing. I’m not sure how “low” we can go, but you and the toad are absolutely correct – we need more rain! (please!?)


    1. It fills me with such hope. What an amazing thing we have accomplished by working together. Especially the gardeners who have learned to live responsibly within our limits. Kudos to the master gardeners organization and the city’s educational efforts.


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