And it was all yellow

October Gold

Isn’t she spectacular! Her legs glowed with morning sunlight. Spiders are so huge this time of year; her abdomen was easily over an inch long.  She lives in the butterfly garden at Willowbrook Reach.

Argiope aurantia (female)
Argiope aurantia (female)

I -think- these next two are shots of our native Maximilian sunflowers. They grow well over my head and have been blooming most of September and October. The roots are supposed to be edible.

Helianthus maximiliani
Helianthus maximiliani
Helianthus maximiliani
Helianthus maximiliani

Some kind of brown eyed susan has decided to grow in my front yard.

mystery susan

Here a cheeky baby leaf-footed bug waves hello from an onion flower of some kind that I planted years ago.

hey you
leaf-footed nymph

At one of the entrances leading into the wildlife habitat is something that reminds me of the holy water font you can see in a Catholic church. It is a hollow in a tree that tends to collect water. Today it was a bit cluttered with some fallen leaves spotted with green and yellow. This is the top down view.

Willowbrook stoup
Willowbrook stoup

22 thoughts on “And it was all yellow

  1. I’m with Julie. It is not unexpected for beautiful sunflowers to photograph beautifully (and yours most certainly are…) but that last shot of the hollow in the log made me stop and stare. Really stunning.


    1. oh noes. I should have realized they can have that effect. Apologies. (The rest of the post is just a bunch of ordinary flowers.)


    1. Thanks, Chloris. I was just admiring all the gorgeous colour at your site. (Anyone other than Chloris who sees this comment ought to leave here at once to go see). I can definitely see how that spider might cause some alarm but I only had eyes for its radioactive legs. =)


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