Blood Moon, Take Two

moon over Austin, October 2014
Moon Over Austin, October 2014

The husband and I pulled an all-nighter last night to watch the moon. I wasn’t too happy with the (blurry blurry) photos captured but who cares! It was a privilege to spend so many quiet hours with one of my favourite people.

Originally we were going to watch the show from our patio. The brugmansia is in full bloom so the air was softly scented. The air temperature was a comfortable 70-something. A bazillion frogs contributed the perfect soundtrack. At times the moon shone so brightly it tricked the fireflies into returning secret coded messages.

As time for the main event got closer we packed up and headed to a dark hilly area nearby. By then the sky was filled with clouds. We had to wait for brief gaps to see even momentary glimpses of the moon. But we persevered. And played with an app that showed us that Jupiter and Venus were waiting and watching with us.

Eventually the sky swallowed the moon but as the Buddha noted …

Three things cannot be hidden: the sun, the moon and the truth.

I kept hoping meteors or satellites would fall. I tried to encourage them by singing the Monk’s Skylab song. No go. I probably should have tried Kermit’s Rainbow Connection.

Consolation prize, Orion the Hunter blazed with crazy diamond light as he aimed directly at the moon. Even he had trouble getting the perfect shot.

Like so many people before, as I looked up into the night sky I saw our own planet reflect back. I was overcome with emotion at how blessed we all are — that this planet — so small and so alone in the universe — not only exists but that it teems with life and beauty. And that we are all here to witness the splendour.

moon over Austin, October 2014
Moon Over Austin, October 2014

24 thoughts on “Blood Moon, Take Two

  1. wow. We set the alarm for 5 AM. Saw the moon slowly being “swallowed” before it went behind the neighbor’s tree in the west. It was a pleasure to be outside under the stars with the family, I thought then we should do it more often. Somehow we are always inside at night :)


  2. My husband (an astronomy freak) and I caught the eclipse for several moments. Wonderful! Your photos are always so beautiful. What camera do you use?


    1. Thanks for saying so. Isn’t it nice to be able to share these things with the people we love? I use a Nikon L830 — rather badly probably. I’ve only just started to learn how to actually use all the features.


      1. We often don’t realize how special the moments we share with loved ones are until they’ve passed. Can’t wait to see what kind of photos you take once you’ve truly learned how to “actually use all the features”! Again, thanks for sharing.


  3. every so often I wandered out onto the verandah to check it out – that red colour and when the crescent edge shimmered white what a contrast- humbling and here we are you there me here continents away and yet we like Buddha we share sun moon and truth.
    love your work debra as always.


  4. So sweet, “…a privilege to spend so many quiet hours with one of my favourite people.” Lovely, lovely post. It is a privilege to spend time with loved ones and share this little planet.


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