Colourful Arthropods of the Day

My first Monarch butterfly sighting this year. Finally! Spotted at Willowbrook Reach’s butterfly garden fuelling up on what I think is a Buddleja.

monarch oct 2014I doubt it is a native plant but I could be wrong. A snailseed vine (Cocculus carolinus) is muscling in but I think the silver and red looks nice juxtaposed.

Cocculus carolinus berries
Cocculus carolinus berries

More red. Not sure of this cute little beetle’s name or what it is doing on these closed flower buds.

beetle on mistflower3More purple. I thought maybe the mistflowers were done for the year but they are starting to bloom again. Here is a mistflower with open flower buds:

Gregg's Mistflower
Gregg’s Mistflower

And even more purple. This crab spider is either colour blind or simply not worried about camouflage.

purple spider

16 thoughts on “Colourful Arthropods of the Day

  1. I think the beetle is a pleasing fungus beetle. Thank you for liking my post: “Photo Walks – First Week of August 2014”. I have just viewed a few of yours (I’ll be reading some more of the older ones as I get time) and I really like them.


    1. Thanks, David, I love the images and enjoy your unconventional and creative take on things. I got lost at bugguide trying to find a name for that little beetle. Thx for the ID. =)


  2. Debra what great spots especially the monarch…we had another slight frost and the days are going to be more cool and rainy so mine have skedaddled down south now.


  3. A monarch! So they are here. I haven’t seen any (yet) but maybe our proximity to Zilker Park (and ACL) is keeping migrating butterflies away from our neighborhood. That’s OK. If any do show up there are lots of us with tropical milkweed planted to welcome them.

    That purple spider on the orange-yellow blossom is a stunning photo. That spider is absolutely inviting attention!


    1. Thanks. =) I wonder that the butterflies aren’t attracted to all the good vibrations at ACL. A lot of people in Austin pitched in to grow milkweed this year so I think they will at least not go unfed. I was surprised by the spider! I know some can change colour at will — usually to blend in.


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