Backyard ‘Shrooming

As little as I know about grasses I know even less about fungi. They are all weird and wonderful and mysterious to me. I think I am not even going to try to identify them. SO many mushrooms have popped up lately I am kind of wondering if MAYBE under the soil is a treasure trove of Tuber lyonii (the truffles that associate with pecan trees). I probably ought to try growing some culinary mushrooms.

Here’s one that looks a bit like a flower.

mushroom flowerSame mushroom, different angle:

flower mushroom3Something edible?

DSCN6258A ring of these guys is growing around an old clay pot. I can’t decide if they look more like tongues, watermelons or slabs of meat.

DSCN6157 DSCN6218In the pot I found this BRIGHT yellow creature. Not sure why my camera couldn’t pick up the colour. DSCN5723And a little parasol:



12 thoughts on “Backyard ‘Shrooming

  1. They are beautiful and full of mystery, & each one holds such interest, & Magic! There is a book on mushrooms that identifies the healthy edible from the toxic, & poisonist. There must be something in your yard that can be harvested for the table!


    1. You are probably right. Edible or not, they are a welcome sign that the soil is coming to life. =) Our soil was in terrible shape when we first moved in: basically rock hard cracked clay.


  2. Nice photos. A couple of these pop up in my yard but I always remove them because of my two canine friends. I’d rather not take the chance especially since one of them is not very picky about what he eats.


    1. The gilled ones are definitely bad news. I was almost tempted to try the boletus but it was pretty small. Dogs can be funny that way. I once had a dog that loved to dig up my carrots and she would eat them too the way ‘normal’ dogs will work a chew toy.


  3. They do look pretty but I’ m glad to hear that you are not thinking of sampling them. The only mushrooms I dare eat are field mushrooms and the odd puffball which turns up now and then in the garden and is delicious sliced and fried with bit of garlic.


    1. mmm Sliced and fried with garlic sounds yummy. I am reasonably sure the yellow pored boletus would have been safe. I’d like to try my hand at doing a little mushroom growing. I do have some hardwood from pecan branches that might work for shitakes.


  4. I have a recurrent fungal event in one bed that I am certain is (are?) edible. That said, I don’t have the expertise to risk slicing and cooking them to feed to my family so I keep my fingers crossed that their appearance broadcasts good news about the local microflora (fauna?).


    1. My thinking exactly. I am not so hungry that I will eat any of these. haha. I am just thrilled to see that the soil is busy and alive. Plus, I have a soft spot for anything that actually wants to grow here.


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