Propagating Native Plants: Wild Blue Phlox

Phlox divaricata. Public domain image from Wikipedia
Phlox divaricata. Public domain image from Wikipedia

I could not find this little plant growing anywhere nearby so I ordered seed. Yeah, I know. That kind of defeats my “growing plants that are truly local ultra cheaply” project but I couldn’t help myself. This plant is nearly perfect. Fragrant, shade tolerant and evergreen. It might even naturalize if I am lucky. I cannot express my excitement. =D

When to sow: Spring or fall.

Special treatment: Moist cold stratification 60 days or direct sow outside.

Fresh or dried seed: Either.

Planting depth: Very fine covering of light material. 1/8 inch.

Preferred temperature for germination: ?

Days to germination: ?

Vegetative propagation: Division, layering, or softwood cuttings in the spring.


4 thoughts on “Propagating Native Plants: Wild Blue Phlox

  1. I agree with TexasDeb–I’m impressed that you can keep track of the varying requirements. I can’t even keep my grocery list straight. I’ll look to you for this information!


    1. Most of it is pretty easy since a lot of them just want winter sowing. That said, it kind of amazes me that some of these wildflowers can germinate at all with such fussy requirements.


  2. These experiments are fascinating but honestly, I’m glad it is you keeping track of the varying requirements of all these plants-to-be and not me. I can usually handle about 2-3 things from seed at a time and that is it!


    1. The rain lily seeds sprouted yesterday so I have hope that my little project just might work. =D If I don’t write it down somewhere I will forget and then I will have to look it all up again.


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