we should all step so lightly
we should all step so lightly

I saw this on expedeherculem’s About page and had to share:

“To ravage, to slaughter, to usurp under false titles, they call empire; and where they make a desert, they call it peace.” – Tacitus

Gardeners, peasants and nature lovers know what is at stake. In the past I might have added scientists to that list. But too many seem compromised by capitalism and/or narrow educations.

Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s, “Chill out” comment this summer about GMO foods was so disappointing. Actually, the word disappointed feels too tame. That he would lend his reputation and authority to  agribusiness felt like a betrayal: against life and science.

And I recognize the sin of hubris in calling a guy like that out for being ignorant. I realize I am nobody. Not even a rocket scientist. But how is it possible for someone who understands the systems of the universe to not grok how our planet is also a system?

Maybe he doesn’t care because he knows the planet has a life span. Our star will eventually die. Maybe he doesn’t care because the planet has recovered from mass extinctions before. The world might be better off without human pests.

But what I don’t understand is: how anyone can see beauty — like this anole — and not want to protect it?


7 thoughts on “Chilling

  1. the eternal question for us these days these years how can ‘they’ not see how can ‘they’ not know that we are all part of the whole thing???
    stop would be a great plan right now….


    1. I can more easily understand how a politician might not understand. Maybe willfully because he is in the service of capitalists or just out of pure ignorance. The latest thing I am hearing about is these guys want to try geoengineering! But as the old wisdom goes: if you find yourself stuck in a hole the best way out is to just stop digging.


  2. I’d truly love to believe Mr. DeGrasse Tyson has some secret advanced scientific knowledge we do not have access to, that would render his admonition appropriate. I don’t really believe that though. I’d just like it to be true, the idea that we actually are not, along with our anole pal, in such significant trouble.

    Scientists look at how science occasionally steps up to the plate and does mankind a solid favor and console themselves “it can happen again”. Unfortunately, the more pressing questions that leaves the rest of us to ask are “will it happen again” followed by “when,…in time?, because….”.


    1. Mostly, l think we all just have to admit we are doing some things so poorly right now that the only rational response is to stop.


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