Propagating Native Plants: False Foxglove


Agalinis (False Foxglove)
Agalinis (False Foxglove)

When to sow: Direct sow in the fall.

Special treatment: Requires cold moist stratification. Needs light and constant moisture to germinate. False foxglove has been described as hemiparasitic; that is, it lives on the nutrients provided by another plant but it is fully capable of photosynthesis. May be planted at the root base of a wide variety of local native host grasses.

Fresh or dried seed: Fresh

Planting depth: Surface sow. Do not cover seed.

Preferred temperature for germination: ?

Days to germination: ?

Vegetative propagation: No

2 thoughts on “Propagating Native Plants: False Foxglove

  1. These are gorgeous blossoms. So are you going out to gather seed in these naturally occurring patches? Maybe you should attempt to get seed from whatever it is growing around as well (to pamper that hemi-parasitic tendency..)? These sound a bit fussy to get going but boy oh boy if you do…. I’ll be first in line to ask for seed from future harvests!


    1. I would happily send you seed now or later. =) The plan. As you know I am making this up as I go along. I do not have any native grasses growing on my property so I think I need to start there and I think the grass will need to already have a root system for this to work. I don’t feel comfortable digging anything up on public lands — though ditches that get mowed, railroad edges and abandoned areas seem like fair game. I do think it is probably ok to take less than a dozen seeds of anything growing in abundance. So, first I think I’ll need to transplant a grass offshoot — something without a tap root or well established root system and make sure it survives before sprinkling any seed. But I am sooo bad at identifying grasses. I honestly think that finding a suitable grass will be the hardest part of the project.


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