Propagating Native Plants: Sabal minor

Sabal minor
Sabal minor

Super tough native palm that tolerates a variety of soils and shade. I thought it would be fun to try to grow one from seed.

When to sow: Sow when the seed is still fresh.

Special treatment: Collect when the berry hasn’t dried or hardened so the seed can be removed. A cold and moist stratification for about a month is recommended by most. Do not let the seed dry out.

Fresh or dried seed: Fresh

Planting depth: 1/2 – 1 inch

Preferred temperature for germination: One source said germination proceeds quickly at 70-75 degrees F but did not mention if the seeds were first stratified.

Days to germination: ?

Vegetative propagation: May produce pups.

Sabal minor berries
Sabal minor berries

4 thoughts on “Propagating Native Plants: Sabal minor

  1. Sabal are good reminders of why it is beneficial to use natives. There is a wisdom to the ways these plants have acclimated that reminds us that as gardeners we can have but minimal impact if our plant choices aren’t appropriate for our climes.


    1. They are nice and I actually like the slow growing part for the spot I am thinking of. In some cases the shrubs I have planted in the past get delusions of grandeur and try to be trees. Growing one from seed though. hahaha It will look like a tiny house plant for years I imagine.


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