Propagating Native Plants: Red Yucca

This will be a long term project. It can take up to three years to reach flowering size.

red yucca seeds Hesperaloe parviflora
red yucca seeds Hesperaloe parviflora

When to sow: Fall

Special treatment: Let the seed pod dry on the plant. Use containers that are at least 4 inches deep to avoid cramping the roots. Moisten the soil and gently press seed into it. Some may germinate quickly while others may take a full season to emerge.

Fresh or dried seed: Fresh

Planting depth: Needs light to germinate

Preferred temperature for germination: Between 72 and 90º Fahrenheit.

Days to germination: 1-3 months

Vegetative propagation: Division

Thanks to Mr Smarty Plants

Update: The first seeds sprouted within 10 weeks with an excellent germination rate at nearly 100%. I used ordinary potting soil and used a plastic wrap covering to keep the seeds moist.

Hesperaloe parviflora and bee




8 thoughts on “Propagating Native Plants: Red Yucca

    1. I think it is probably a good idea to keep the seeds moist but probably not soggy. I did read that using fresh seed is really important for this particular plant. I didn’t water on a timetable but I would check every week to see if the soil was drying out. Usually it was fine because any water that evaporates will usually fall from the top of the plastic back onto the soil. I did keep them in a bright shaded place rather than in the sun.


  1. Love red Yuccas but have never managed to grow any from seeds (despite gathering many as I walk around the neighborhood!). My Wildflower Center plant sale transplants have done wonderfully, though.. I might try the seeds again after your post!


  2. Coral yucca are some of my favorites but the deer love the flower stalks so I rarely get to enjoy the blooms for long. Apparently, they taste delicious. (To deer.) A friend gave me some she had literally yanked out of the ground. They rooted and grew well in all sorts of conditions so I’m hoping your seed germination project goes well for you. They are great plants!


    1. I am so sorry to hear that. It really is amazing how varied deer diets are. The plant has a pleasing shape and gives evergreen structure so maybe that is a small consolation. This set of seed starting is really for fun. I do have a large Hesperaloe that I could divide but since I had all the equipment out I thought I’d give it a go. Maybe I can use them for trades at our next plant swap.


    1. They can be pretty and they literally grow like weeds here. The flower spike can also look kind of ridiculous and sometimes needs to be staked. I’ve seen some fall over to completely block sidewalks.


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