Propagating Native Plants: Dayflower/Widow’s Tears

 If you squeeze the spathe of the flower you will be rewarded with a drop of pure water — hence the common name Widow’s Tears.

Commelina erecta
Commelina erecta

When to sow: Start indoors in March in cool climates.

Special treatment:  Allow pods to dry on plant; break open to collect seeds.

Fresh or dried seed: Dried.

Planting depth: Lightly cover with soil.

Preferred temperature for germination: Around 70º Fahrenheit.

Days to germination: 4 – 5 weeks.

Vegetative propagation: Divide tubers in the spring.

4 thoughts on “Propagating Native Plants: Dayflower/Widow’s Tears

  1. I’ve loved your ‘how to propagate’ series. I haven’t been able to reply to all of them, but please know they’ve been read and appreciated. You should teach a class!


    1. Thx for saying but worry not, Tina. I am mostly just putting them here as a reference for my future self. However, if someone else finds them helpful then that is a bonus. =)


    1. ty! Before I had a garden and when I lived in rental properties I used to subscribe to the Chiltern catalogue. I would spend the winter reading it but every year I always ordered various weird seeds. I’d grow them under lights and in windowsills and when they got too big I gave them away. Coming back to propagation has been a lot of fun.


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