Propagating Native Plants: Inland Sea Oats

Inland Sea Oats Chasmanthium latifolium
Inland Sea Oats Chasmanthium latifolium

I admit to a prejudice against growing ornamental grasses but when I saw this plant backlit by the sun earlier this year I was smitten. If you squeeze your eyes and look sideways the leaves look a bit like bamboo.

Most exciting thing? Inland sea oats like shade! Next most exciting thing? They can be aggressive. Blink. Pretty much perfect for my situation.

Wild oats can reach heights of up to 4 feet but none of the plants I’ve seen around here seem to get that tall; most are about 2 feet high.

When to sow: Any time apparently.

Special treatment: None as far as I know. Do the seeds need to be hulled? I needed to use tweezers to actually extract the seed. That was even less fun than it sounds since I was being attacked by billions and billions of mosquitoes at the same time. Fed up and fed upon I just roughed up the remaining seeds and decided to hope for the best. haha

Fresh or dried seed: I used dried seed heads.

Planting depth: I didn’t find any information on this so I planted some about 1/4 inch deep. The rest I sprinkled on top of the soil.

Preferred temperature for germination: I didn’t find any information on this.

Days to germination: I didn’t find any information on this.

Vegetative propagation: The root ball can be divided and transplanted with ease.

seed from inland sea oats
seed from inland sea oats

4 thoughts on “Propagating Native Plants: Inland Sea Oats

  1. I’m with Tina. Your seeds will definitely make it. And I’m not sure you need to go to any trouble about hulling or whatever. I’m pretty sure I’ve just dumped seed heads into a little hole and had them come up. This is one native that loves to spread. They don’t seem to be particularly thirsty though the ones that get more water (and also a little AM sun) get a little fuller and taller here. If for any reason you don’t get the starts you want give a shout. I’d be happy to share as well!


    1. Thanks =)
      Now I am starting to get a little concerned. One of these days I may find that I will introduce a so-called aggressive plant and it will live up to its reputation. Maybe this will be the one. Hope it doesn’t turn into a monster.


  2. If your seeds do make it (they will), let me know. I love Inland Sea Oats, but always have to pull some out. Spread, spread, spread. A lovely and graceful plant though.


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