City Lights and Bat Flights

The plan was to go bat watching at the Congress Street Bridge and maybe get some photos. Better luck next time. The bats were fabulous of course but my photographic skills are not up the challenge (yet?). Open to any and all tips =)

The clouds and clouds of bats swooshing past were spectacular. When the first cloud emerged the hillside of bat watchers lit up with a couple hundred cell phones! Amusing.

Austin’s skyline has been completely transformed from when I first moved here. At that time there were only a couple of skyscrapers — most of the buildings were close to the street and clothed with sandstone, brick or limestone surfaces. These days the buildings are tall and made of glass and mirror. Amber and gold have replaced the old school blue glass.

evening skyBlurry bats and buildings …

bat flight

bat flight2City lights from west to east as seen from a troll’s eye view (under the bridge)

city lights sept 2014city lights2 sept 2014And a picture of a boat that made me think of art from the 1950s for some reason. I could happily watch lights on water for hours and hours. Better than TV.

night boat

6 thoughts on “City Lights and Bat Flights

  1. The bats are absolutely amazing, but you’re right -the aroma of a large colony is not for the faint of heart. I used to get a bit freaked out when they’d be zipping around in the evening skies over our back yard but then thought about all the bugs they were eating and decided they could come over any night they wanted. Here you go bats – all you can eat mosquitoes – right here right now!

    I feel you about lights on the water. And the way sounds carry – so magical. That boat image… It reminded me of the River Seine somehow, or perhaps the floating gypsy colony from Chocolat….?


  2. I love bats! Have you ever seen them rise up out of Carlsbad Caverns..It is worth the drive : ) We have a bat colony about 2 miles south of my house under a bridge. My mother-in-law just bought me a bat house for my birthday. I read you need several so they can move around and keep an even body temperature. I hope they find them : ) I guess I will know when I see guano on the ground!


    1. Bats are wonderful creatures. I have not seen them at Carlsbad but would sure like to. In the meantime I will consider myself lucky to have easy access to our urban colony.

      Good luck with the bat house! I tried one several years ago but the only thing that ever moved in was a lizard. haha. As for the guano … yeah … it was funny because as soon as the bats started to emerge they carried with them a very strong and distinctive odour.


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