Strange Things in the Night

An ordinary sunset drew me out of the house …

sunset sept 2014sunset2 sept 2014

Who knew so much drama awaited?

Razor Wire versus Bindweed

It looked so optimistically apocalyptic.

razor wire and bindweed
razor wire and bindweed

A UFO moon …

'ufo' moon
‘ufo’ moon

A giant spider prowling. Yipes.

spider reprise
Arachnophilla sculpture by Dixie Friend Gay

And the Moon Rabbit

moon2 sept 2014
full moon September 2014

magically disguised itself.

smoky moon
full moon September 2014

15 thoughts on “Strange Things in the Night

  1. OK not to sound blasé about a supermoon (rabbit notwithstanding) but I am totally blown away by your optimistically apocalyptic razor wire with bindweed silhouetted against the evening sky. That to me is a one in a million shot. It captures several liminal struggles of this area: growth vs confinement, man made vs nature. It is really a special photo Deb. Thanks for sharing it with us!


  2. Well, not to brag, but the Texas sky is a beautiful, beautiful thing. Thank you for capturing so well. Like TexasDeb wrote the other day–you’re an honorary Texan now.


  3. This sounds like the beginnings of a wonderful children’s book : ) Dixie Friend Gay lives pretty close to me and I know her as an acquaintance and follow her art work. Very cool shot of her spider!


    1. I love love love her work! Her philosophy of art really speaks to me. You are so lucky. Her spider is one of the highlights of the Mueller parkway.


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