Things with wings

Lacewings are one of my favourite insects. What a thrill to see the lovely eggs that look a bit like flowers. Just as I was about to take the picture along came this housefly. Even worse … I think it is a she …. Her eggs are not as welcome.

housefly aug 2014
housefly and lacewing eggs

Looks wintery but in fact this picture was taken in August. The sky is a hot ozone grey. The branch is dead but a favourite perch for many birds.

dove on branch
white-winged dove

6 thoughts on “Things with wings

  1. Wow Debra – an amazing shot! I love lacewing eggs – they are so delicate. After I spotted some here a couple of weeks ago I spent a (very!) long time trying to photograph them and simply couldn’t do it. You have a real way with your camera, capturing the tiniest details.

    (The sere branch against the ozone sky is indeed deceptive without the context provided. Almost creepy though I can’t quite say why…)


    1. Delicate seems to be the key word for lacewings when they aren’t on a murdering frenzy. haha It IS a creepy shot. Lonely, empty ghost-like.


    1. Lacewings are a sign of fall around here so I get a happy spring-like feeling of anticipation when I see them. Life is right around the corner again =)


  2. The lacewings used to creep me out (they always popped up on our mailbox) since I imagined they were a dreadful fungus. Learning what they were made them much more inviting! Great picture..


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