Small Things

Happy Wildlife Wednesday (first Wednesday of the month event hosted by Tina from My Gardener Says)

Photo by Ken Thomas
Photo by Ken Thomas

There are so many fragile things, after all. People break so easily, and so do dreams and hearts.  —  Neil Gaiman

Surviving a medical emergency has one nice side effect: appreciation.

I admire my cat’s telekinetic/psionic powers. Mine are so weak. She can stare at a door and someone in the house will urgently fling it open for her majestic being. Usually in under a minute. I tried the same thing while trapped inside the bathroom. The door refused to budge. The staring …. it does nothing.

When you lose the use of your hands every single action becomes an engineering puzzle. Humbling and frustrating but I am so lucky I have people here who love me and can help. And that my situation is temporary.

Hurrah for windows. All I needed was one window to escape the opiate darkness. Outside that window was a sliver of garden. The lush green of pecan leaves and hints of blue sky made the room I was temporarily trapped in as big as the universe. And the universe is so much bigger than pain. Even when the blinds were closed I could hear birdsong drift in through those old draughty and inefficient windows.

The blue jay has just arrived as I type this. BLARGH BLARGH BLARGH. This arrogant sound never fails to make me smile. He is telling the white winged doves to scoot over so he can have the bird feeder to himself. And they will. ha ha

Cardinals CHP throughout the day and at night in the darkness I can hear the screech owl purring.

Small things but so welcome. These sounds remind me the world keeps turning.

The first time I was able to walk outside I was given a gift — I witnessed a scattering of Carolina wren fledglings who had clearly just left the nest and were off on their first adventure. There were about six of them and as soon as they saw me they popped off in every direction. They were so tiny. So pretty. Good luck to them. I hope I am the scariest monster they ever have to face.


18 thoughts on “Small Things

  1. “The staring …. it does nothing.”
    Maybe if you tried cocking your head slightly, and mmmrrrr-ing? ;)

    Glad you’re on the mend, and back to your lovely posts.


  2. …oh hurrah indeed for windows and the birdsong that bleeds thru them. and how we are humbled of our independent and capable self that has to lean on others to survive. thank goodness for loved ones . and how terrific it is that nature lifts our spirits at these times… at all times.


    1. Thx. Everything seems to be mending. They do have a lot to learn. I hope some stick around for awhile so I can take their pictures =)


  3. Glad you are getting better. You have such interesting birds there. I love your little wren.
    I shall practise the pshh sound but it probably won’ t work here. I don’ t suppose our birds speak American. I only learnt recently that birds have regional accents.


    1. I was astonished when she demonstrated this little trick. Birds from all over flew at breakneck speed and then landed in the trees above us. I could see some peering down at us. I am sure there are theories to explain but personally I am happy to just enjoy the mystery. ty for the well wishes.


  4. I am happy to discern your arm injuries have not adversely affected your amazing writer’s voice in the least. You always hear that when you lose one sense the others sharpen to compensate. Perhaps your telekinetic powers will increase with a little practice? I typically find shouting a helpful adjunct. Even in an empty house it at least makes me feel a little better post bellowing.

    Baby wrens are so sweetly pathetically defenseless. It is no wonder their parents spend so much time fuss-fuss-fussing at us between broods. They must be near frantic at the prospect of every single launch!


        1. =D
          I just love the wrens. And for sure the meaning if that vzzz vzzz sound they make is not hard to mistake. I once went on a nature hike where I was the only person to show up. The park ranger showed me a VERY cool trick. If you make a pshhh kind of sound — and you have to do it rarely or the birds will learn it is a trick — you can get any perching bird within hearing distance to come to you. Well as close as they feel safe. And this trick gets cooler because there are regional variations to this call. What works in Vancouver has to be modified for say — Texas.


  5. Such a sweet post, especially that last bit about the little wrens. Sometimes in the detritus of life, it’s hard to remember appreciation and then–BOOM! Something happens that forces recognition of how truly fortunate we are–most of us anyway. Sending you good healing and thank for participating in wildlife wonderfulness.


    1. ty, Tina. I am doing just fine. No worries. The experience has opened my eyes to how difficult life must be to the disabled though. I have so much more appreciation for how much problem solving and inconvenience is involved in the most mundane things. And the importance of green spaces for those in recovery.


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