Bird’s Point of View

Local peeps might be interested in a handy pdf: Birds of the Edward’s Plateau a field checklist published by Texas Parks and Wildlife. Because any guide that can help narrow a search is a good thing.

Confession time. My birding skills are so pathetic … (How pathetic are they?) … I wasn’t even sure of the bird pictured below. A perching bird with mockingbird wings AND spots. Hmm. I spent far too long chasing rabbits at Cornell’s All About Birds (a great site btw) trying to figure out what it could be. I eventually decided that it probably is a mockingbird but that it is not fully grown. Maybe?

Corrections are always welcome.

serene mockingbird

Relatively serene mockingbird baby above … his annoyed cousin … after the break …

less serene mockingbird

Looking for birds really fills me with joy but this little one’s glare made me think that perhaps those attentions are not always welcome. Sorry about that little dude.

12 thoughts on “Bird’s Point of View

  1. Those are some very expressive juvenile mockingbirds. And I’m sure your birding skills can’t be worse than mine. I can recognize only birds that come to the feeders.


  2. disgruntled perhaps. sometimes I feel so voyeuristic so intently observing their ways and habits and yet it gives me so much joy to see to know that they live without need of me.
    great pics
    Thank you


  3. Such endearing expression on those mocks! Great photos, Debra. I agree with Deb–that second one is adorable. I fret at times, concerned that my attentions to birds and other critters upsets them. It doesn’t seem to stop me though, so I’m not sure what that means….


    1. It probably means something like everyone doesn’t have to be a little beam of sunshine all the time. There have been moments when the morning squeaky-wheel birds can be a bit annoying, too.


  4. That second shot is priceless – I love it. Occasionally everything around here seems annoyed by my paying attention to them but that’s the price they pay for sharing spaces with me. I am a world class noticer!


    1. If I were poking around nests or something invasive I’d feel more guilty. It did make me think for a moment, though. =)


  5. We don’t get them here, so it would be one I don’t know either. Cornell does not always give the images of the young birds and that is really important, especially at this time of year. I think the bottom image, the little guy looks constipated. :grin:


  6. I love watching birds too! I actually feed them on my front walk just so I can watch them. They have got pretty us to us and now they sing out when they want there supper : )


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