Though warm, moist conditions can sometimes breed mosquitoes, they can also create great habitat for more valued beings:

Music doodle by my husband who prefers to remain anonymous.

Walking along the creek at twilight is really like walking into the land of Fairy.

Willowbrook Reach is a publicly accessible wild habitat right in the middle of the city of Austin, Texas. Unlike most of the creeks in Austin by some miracle or sheer luck this area of the Upper Boggy Creek watershed has remained largely untouched over the years. The area is maintained by the Friends and Lovers of Willowbrook Reach. It takes more than neglect to keep a wild space wild.

A more gruesome firefly video (and not just because of the poor focus) below:

I pulled the firefly out and I -think- it flew away safely.

22 thoughts on “Fireflies

  1. oh wow or I should say WOW -loved that musical doodle loved it and apparently they do exist here ( in this country) but I have yet to make their acquaintance.
    another groovy meeting to look forward to on planet earth.
    thanks debra


  2. OMG, you and I are on the same wavelength I think. You won’t believe what is on me Nature and Wildlife Pics blog tomorrow morning. You have to stop in and see, I won’t tell you because it is almost eerie how we have so much in common.


    1. Oh goodness you are too kind. The filming was terrible — hand held and veering all over the place. My husband will be delighted with your comment about the music. =)


  3. Thank you for the fireflies and the lovely music. I have only seen fireflies twice in my life. I really thought that they were fairies when I first saw them as a child. Now that I know that they are Lampyridae I still think that they are magical.


  4. Ahhhh. I’d worried fireflies in the Austin area were a joy of the past, like horned toads. It was a sweet trip back in time (for me at least) to see those tiny lights flitting around again – I truly appreciate you sharing the experience. Now I’m inspired to wonder what individuals could possibly do to promote fireflies in their own back yard spaces!? Off to do research!


    1. I am so glad you enjoyed it. As far as I know they like moist conditions and the larva feed on snails. Pesticides, of course, will kill them.


      1. Ha! That’s the problem. We don’t use pesticides and we have sufficient snail to feed an army of larvae but although we have several microclimates here “moist” doesn’t appear on the list. Not once. I’ll simply have to enjoy “your” fireflies!


        1. I suppose that might explain their decline, too. As places warm up and dry out they are losing habitat. Not to mention all those places that used to dry up wetlands on purpose. I am really glad people are rethinking that policy. Nobody likes mosquitoes but I think we can all agree that fireflies are lovely.


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