Feed me!

willowbrook baby birdEvery time I take a walk I see young birds learning to be independent. Some seem to be thriving. Some look terribly scruffy: maybe malnourished or moulting. And some …

have trouble letting go …

baby mockingbird
baby mockingbird

I am not sure why this little one wasn’t in a nest. There was a huge group of mockingbirds on the path making a racket. In the centre was this little scene.

baby mockingbird3The parent bird tossed the wild grape at the baby bird.

baby mockingbird2Oops. It fell.

baby mockingbird 4There you go. Om nom nom.

Wild grapes are trending with the birds right now. This is what they looked like a month ago:

wildgrape4Now they are so ripe many have fallen.

wild grapes More than a few remain on the vine tempting me to turn them into jelly.



10 thoughts on “Feed me!

  1. Great pictures and story. We don’t have mockingbirds here, but we do see juveniles of many different species. Sometimes we see the juvenile being fed by the parent. So much fun to watch.


  2. Awww… babies! Great shots, Deb. You’re smart to pay attention when there’s a loud group of birds – it always means something interesting is going on.

    Those grapes make amazing jelly. My mother-in-law used to make it every year and we ate it up as greedily as that baby bird finally did. And then noisily clamored for more. Hmmm. People and birds have more in common than I’d realized.


    1. I wonder if that baby fell out of the nest. When we finally got close the birds all dispersed but the baby only hopped/flew a few feet into a nearby shrub. I would harvest some of those grapes but they are growing in a public area. I don’t know if anyone sprays with pesticides or herbicides and I kind of feel like they are there for the wildlife to enjoy. I do have some mustang grapes trying to grow on the property. Hopefully one year they will start to produce.


    1. I know. It is so amazing for me to hear of how we are living completely different seasons at the same time. Sorry you are cold. =(


  3. Those photos are precious!! I caught some adult mockingbirds stealing tomatoes from my garden tower this week–cute antics, but nothing on your parent/child interactions!


    1. Thanks, Tina. The mockingbirds were so far away I wasn’t sure what was going on when I took the shots. I just saw a big group — about a dozen all making a huge racket as only mockingbirds can — on the pathway and pressed the camera button a few times. Later when I saw what was going on I regretted not taking the time to focus in! Live and learn … live and learn.


    1. =) Thanks, Linda. Grats on your SoCS doing so well. I need to get back into the Saturday groove. I really did find that a valuable technique.


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