Weedy Wednesday

I went for a walk to enjoy the company of some outlaws … a few local broad-leaf weeds. =)

Common sunflower Helianthus annuus

If you were to ask me what summer smelled like when I was a kid I would have to say: like sweet clover

Sweet clover Melilotus officinalis

Every summer we spent a lot of time camping and travelled all across the continent. Sweet clover was one plant that seemed to grow everywhere. The wonderful fragrance comes from coumarin, a substance used to make a medication for thinning the blood and the treatment of varicose veins. The herb has a long history of use in traditional medicine for relieving inflammation and speeding the healing of wounds. It can be used as a poultice or infusion. One warning: be sure to use clean material. There is a mold that will grow on sweet clover that is toxic. Naturally, you should show some caution if you want to use sweet clover or any other herb as a medicine. People can be allergic to all kinds of things. Plus, the overuse of sweet clover can lead to a headache or worse. Sorry for the disclaimers; they always seem a bit disrespectful to me but it is possible someone out there needs to hear them.

I just love the scent so I grabbed a handful of seed pods. I think it will look pretty mixed in with cornflowers, evening primrose and this wild sage I see growing all over the place. Is it Victoria sage? Mealy sage? Already I am imagining the thrill of stepping out onto my patio and inhaling the scent. Unfortunately, it is biennial so I will have to practice some patience.

Sweet clover
Sweet clover
wild sage
wild sage

Final picture: I am easily amused I suppose but I did chuckle looking at a beetle getting up close and personal with this Texas thistle.

thistle and beetle


4 thoughts on “Weedy Wednesday

  1. I am going with the Mealy Blue Sage, then. Anything looks pretty with evening primrose of course =)
    Wow, guerilla gardening sounds so much cooler/bad ass than the reality of ‘super cheap gardener’ hahahaha


  2. Ha! Your beetle friend obviously loves his work. Would that we all enjoyed our daily chores so well. I think (THINK – you know how I am with ID work) the sage in your photo is Mealy Blue Sage. I don’t think the Victoria hybrid is as widespread in the wild as mealy blue. It is my understanding they are relatives however, so I doubt either would be offended. Good luck with your guerilla gardening. The plant combination you are suggesting sounds lovely and I bet the smell would be heavenly!


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