Late Night Toad

I found this surprise visitor lurking near my side door late last night. Of course, he is (ahem) toad-ally welcome to stay.

mr toad

I do not know what kind of toad it is. For now I will just call him: Mr. as in Mr. Toad. My guess is it is a Woodhouse’s Toad. Or maybe a Gulf Coast Toad? Something else? If a toad expert happens to see this I hope you will let me know what it is. Sorry about the colour. I had to use a flash because it was pretty dark out.

Toad Trivia (or things I didn’t know about toads before asking Duck Duck Go)

A group of toads is called a knot.

Some toads hibernate through the winter.

The oldest documented pet toad was 39 years old. In the wild they can live up to 15 years.

Toads can yawn.

Toads have four fingers on each hand and six toes on each foot.

Toads do not have teeth.

Toads use their eyes to swallow since their tongues are attached at the front of their mouths.

They wipe their mouths with their hand after eating.

Speaking of eating: they eat A LOT of insects, snails, slugs and spiders — but only if they are moving.


26 thoughts on “Late Night Toad

  1. Not particularly fond of this one… I shudder to the memory of loud patting rain… My cousins and I thought it were safe to go through this shortcut, only to find lots of these… -__-


    1. Gosh. Thank you for the nomination. I am kind of astonished anyone actually reads my blog since I mostly think of it as my scribble space. I really enjoy your blog and feel pretty lucky I happened upon it during the a-z challenge. I enjoy reading about your love of language and the dream trip to France. Thank you.


    1. Thanks. Speaking of cool, I hope he can stay cool. I put out a saucer of water for him last night. =)
      I am always a bit jealous of people with snakes. I think they are terribly exotic. Tom is a very fine name.


      1. I think he’s just what they call a “garter snake” (I’m really not sure) but he’s pretty cool to watch :-) hope your toad appreciates your gesture!


  2. Love that photo and fun facts about toads ! I like my toads. We have a pond and they’re…very amorous at the moment. What I have noticed in the past few years is that they toads will be very noisy for a few nights to a week, then quiet for several weeks. I’ve read that Eastern Screech Owls love to eat toads and I’ve had a family court and nest in my garden. I think the ebb and flow of noisy toads corresponds to the owls’ dining on them. In the past few nights, the toads have been noisy–I suspect it’ll be quiet within the next few days. Yum!


    1. Amorous! hahahaha I have heard tales. (blush) I hope our toad will not be bothered by owls. I don’t know why I didn’t think of that. Great observation about the toad sounds. That makes perfect sense.


  3. I had never really seen a toad close up in the ‘flesh’ so to speak until we moved here to Wiltshire. We discovered one living in our front garden under a large planter. He became known affectionately as Don Toadleone.


  4. So is his real colour much different? I love the colour of the toad in the photo and how well he blends in to the background. We have only two toads here: Bufo Bufo, The Common Toad,( although it seems rude to call him common) and the very rare Natterjack Toad..
    I love toads but the Common Toad oozes a noxious liquid from his glands if he feels threatened. My dog tried picking one up once, you should have seen the look of disgusted horror on his face. He leaves well alone now.


    1. The toads here also have a secretion. I remember in the 90s people used to lick some variety to get high. Can you imagine! hahaha My cat does not approve. She tried it once and decided that toads are definitely not fun to play with.


  5. Thank you for giving me the chance to see them in a more positive light (and I don’t mean the flash). If they can yawn and dry their mouth after eating, they have more in common with us than I thought, and it makes them tiny less creepy. Still happy I never see them around, on picture is close enough for me.


  6. I think I fell prey to fairy tale nonsense as a child because I used to think toads were ugly and warty and oof! Now I think they are adorable and I’m happy whenever I see any around (though honestly, I haven’t seen any for a couple of years. Drought? Owls? I don’t know.) I have a toad house I put out every year once it warms up and though it has yet to be occupied, I’m keeping the lights on and the welcome mat out.


    1. Seeing this toad filled me with joy. When we first moved in there was a MASSIVE toad that lived on the front step. How big? Memory is weird but it seemed huge. I have probably exaggerated it over time. Anyway it disappeared along with all the tiny tree frogs after that really bad drought year so seeing this little guy feels like a sign that things are stabilizing again.


  7. How fun! Before I fixed the drainage on my pier and beam house I use to get lots of frogs…I miss them but not the mosquitoes : )


    1. We live very close to a creek so the mosquito issue will never go away. Luckily, with the mosquitos come the fireflies. It is almost worth it. hahaha


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